Intensity and Euphoria

Taking yourself 'there' with youthful dreaming and imagery

Issue #1

By Vivienne Arkell

This photo and film are so meant to provoke. These are gorgeous young creatures from the film Asthma. Don’t you want to be them? Passion, sensuality, and touch overcomes everything. They are totally present in the moment – with all cares or reasoning worlds away.

Remember innocence? When it was all about your lips touching and a tingle down below?

How about the intensity of moments where you absolutely couldn’t be distracted by anything? The object of your affection was all you needed to be happy. His/her every word, or more likely nervous silence, made the kisses warmer, wetter and earth-stopping.

In Asthma, a 2014 film by Jake Hoffman, Gus (the sensual, moody romantic) takes Ruby (the stunningly beautiful and emotionally available tattoo artist) on a ride in a stolen car. In this particular scene, Gus is high and they never ‘follow through.’ So nothing more occurs to get in the way of the beauty of their openness, vulnerability and involvement. Ruby’s euphoric state of youthful bliss arrived through the purest of infatuation, desire, and kisses.

Awaken your senses and make your own story from images. Close your eyes and take yourself back to moments like this in your past. Relive the abandonment of all cares: dreamy youthful crushes, innocence, euphoria, abandon. Love recreating the moment.


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