awaken – your sensual energy & desire
excite – with new confidence & wisdom
indulge – and connect with pleasure

Welcome to your new focus on sensuality. Reconnect mind, body, and spirit with The Sensualogist, your 2X monthly dose of thought-provoking Musings, Teasers, and Encounters shared to nourish and enhance your personal practice towards savoring sex and sensuality.

Once you embrace the ways of The Sensualogist, life will open up with infinite possibilities.

-Lacking the desire for sex? Feeling blocked or broken? Click on Musings to dial into your desire to turn the switch back on, reignite and awaken physically.

-Unsure or need some expert wisdom to fine-tune mind and body? Teasers expose you to books and writings from crème-de-la-crème authors with amazing advice and insights on sensuality and sexual discovery. Techniques and erotica included too! ; )

-Wanting real-life inspiration? Encounters dive deep into actual expressions of romance and erotica, sharing ‘moves’ to copy or just relish in your own personal fantasies. Savor the seduction.

 Vivienne Arkell is a connoisseur, brimming with desire and sensual buzz. Her experiences and expertise will guide you as she takes you back, forward and around again through real-life emotional and sexual awakenings, paving the way to a life full of sensual pleasure and passion. Whether you join in exploring your inner goddess, or if you live vicariously through Vivienne’s adventures, there is enlightenment ahead for all.

Listen to your inner goddess and join us!


Team V.

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