An Ode to Hot Dogs

End of Summer Dawgs and Buns

By Vivienne Arkell

The minute I feasted my eyes on this image, a wave of sensual feelings overtook my core. Of course my tummy warmed immediately to the sumptuous treats, but even my girl parts began to twitch and tingle. Mmmm. I guess that’s what happens when you fully embrace The Sensualogist mind set!

Just look at those soft buns and plump dogs fitting together so nicely. Pink and lovely… even though other tints and types of sausages are nice too! ; ) The wieners, softly coddled yet firm, look so ready for enjoyment! Condiments anyone?

Just last week, I went out with one – the other kind of hot dog. lol

Sooo hot, juicy, and visually satisfying, but would he leave me with mental indigestion? He looked quite appealing for a snack – such a stud muffin. I kept imagining the gang of augmented-breast groupies gorging on him at the bar, as if it was an eating contest. Because, of course, I wasn’t the only woman who thought this dawg looked yummy.

My hot buns were in the mood, so I gave him my number. He called. After a few drinks we went to his place for a snack. Seemed like we were both hungry. His sun-toasted buns were rich, as if right out of the oven, and ready for me. Simply delicious, plus hotter than hell. And all said, he left me well done.

The thing to remember about the male hot dog is that they are just like their fast food cousins. Not really nutritious or deeply satisfying, but great summer fun. Was there really any quality substance in there?

If you have your own personal hunk of a dawg in your bedroom, savor him. If not, savor one of these treats until you are back in the groove.

The summer season is soon coming to an end. Indulge in the finest of hot dogs while you still can!

Namaste and xoxo


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