Channeling Venus

Goddesses and the innate magic of women

Issue #18

By Vivienne Arkell

Whether it’s the goddess movement in fashion or one’s inner goddess as reference to a woman’s feminine energy, the goddess vibe is having a resurgence. The word itself conjures up magical energy and images of beauty and power. And who better to channel sensual inspiration from than legendary Venus.

Venus, the goddess whom all Roman men desired, embodies beauty, love, seduction and persuasive female charm. She is ours to draw from as an ally, mentor, and role model to help us understand the mystical nature of womanhood. It’s something to reach for, yet moving beyond the fantasy, making your sensualist practice human and real.

In myth, born of the sea, Venus represents the yielding, watery female principle, essential to the generation and balance of life. Two of her more famous lovers were Vulcan the god of fire and Mars the god of war. Venus’s energy, representing passion and selfless devotion to another is said to absorb and temper the male essence, uniting opposites in mutual affection. Her power turned the hearts of men and women from sexual vice to virtue.

Amazing what power lies ahead. Many of us were taught to shy away from sexuality, to be cautious of our radiance and tone down. But reflecting on famous depictions of Venus, you’ll notice that sensuality is a type of beauty, happiness and glow that shines from within.

Visualize your sensual nature. Imagine yourself as Venus. See your feminine power before your eyes: the pure, natural beauty and innate sensual energy, plus the many gifts and abilities in your life. Appreciate your strengths as well as understanding the areas of challenge. After all, we are not true goddesses. A female deity is immortal and supreme. We are mortals with multiple facets of life to juggle. We are growing and evolving on our journey, so give the goddess-like soul respect and admiration. To own your goddessness, remember:

    • Own your sensual power, seduction and sexuality. Accept when you are truly connected sensually. You are not trying to be anything or anyone else. You are enjoying your body, yourself, your energy and desires. You like being turned on to life, tuned into yourself and your partner.
    • Be receptive, exposed, and vulnerable – yet free from toxic demands. The goddess-like mortal isn’t a superwoman who does everything. She is a woman who does only what she wants and values.
    • Stay authentic. Choose good and love. Nurture life. Balance light and dark, love and fear. Forgive yourself and trust your process. Learn from teachings and mythical tales yet embrace life and its unique reality.

Each of us has some Venus within us. Encourage and embrace your inner goddess. Inspire self-love, self-care and self-actualization. Worship yourself like a goddess.

Honor the innate power and magic inside of every woman, honoring and savoring your sex. Revel in your body and self, under the aspirational spell of Venus.

Image: detail of Sandro Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus” c. 1480


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