Mr. Luscious

Issue #41

By Vivienne Arkell

He was not at all what I expected. Pictures can be deceiving, and seeing my blind date at the door of the restaurant I realized I had definitely been duped. Yet on this rainy October Sunday, after a brief moment of panic, I decided I was in too deep. Plus tapas and sangria for brunch could make almost any date enjoyable.

As I arrived at the entrance and reached my hand out to greet him, John leaned in and planted the kiss. Square on and with purpose, it was not too wet, too dry or too firm. The hello kiss from this bulky, pink-faced stranger resonated throughout my entire body. Thrown off guard, I blushed and thoughts started racing through my head.

While I smiled and tried to distract my wandering mind with the menu, John’s eyes devoured me. His gaze was strangely innocent and appreciative, but I could see secrets spinning around in his mind. He had the look of a ravenous eater ogling a steak.

For an average looking man, John’s ease with words was enticing, like his quiet confidence. He was a guy who thoroughly enjoyed eating and drinking, yet hadn’t jogged, skied or done a sit up in years, so I couldn’t help but wonder how things might go intimately. John’s thick fingers raised his food slowly and purposefully to his mouth. He had to blot his face often as the tasty juices escaped over his full lips and onto his beard. He was certainly a man who loved oral pleasure.

His desire to please me with food, drink and conversation rivaled my desire to submit. I couldn’t betray my body. It became easy to overlook the visual, and relax, responding to all the amazing cues he was giving my face, my skin, and my breasts. Mr. Luscious knew his seductive talents and gifts.

John’s mouth had a pleasingly rich, sweet taste. His floppy, full lips were like pillows – the perfect shape and texture to tease my lower lips too. I had never been devoured like this before. He appreciated every inch of me like a tasty morsel. After priming my entire body, his chubby wood made her quiver over and over.

Mr. Luscious did everything with opulent, lush sensuality. As a hedonist and fellow sensualist, he was more than happy to indulge and share his abundance and pleasure.

Image Credit: David Clode


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