New Lover Wanted: Enthusiasm? or Skills

By Vivienne Arkell

Well, M32 bit the dust and my profile as MYBE went back up on Date-me. “49, 5’9” fit, no kids, artist living in the city; life is great but I want a bf. Prerequisite photos: authentic smile, healthy activity, sensual (not slutty) mood shot. Check, all included. Now all I needed was to go online during peak hours and wait. I have always been pretty lucky online cuz I’m photogenic and enjoy flirting the pants off of anyone.


EJ3483: So cool you live in the city. Think we chatted a few months ago?

MYBE: Good evening… I do remember exchanging a few words with you but you still don’t look a day over 25 lol

EJ3483: Haha. If we meet, the first thing I will show you is my ID and prove I am 33. I really enjoy the outdoors, hiking, kayaking. Also love live music and great food! But at the same time I have a geeky side and love movies and video games. What about you?

MYBE: Nature shows are great. Food is an awesome hobby and music too. I love to cook but also go out and eat crazy and awesome food. Just had crispy grasshoppers and it was a blast :)

EJ3483: Wow! Grasshoppers! You are adventurous. IDK lol MYBE: Well, vodka was involved. :) But of course you would try them, no?

EJ3483: Yeah, you might be able to persuade me. You are so beautiful I would probably do anything you asked me to? ; ) My name is Ed. Wanna meet for a drink soon?

OMG. So Ed was yummy enough to eat alive and very engaging. But I decided I really should look at a few more candidates before I gave out my number and moved to texting. Plus, another 30 something? Same but different – because he is grinning happily with his short dark hair, in a plaid flannel shirt and not a braniac geek with glasses or a longhaired, daredevil boarder? Hmm


S9168 : Hi there, my name is Sam. I find you very attractive and would like to talk to you sometime to get to know you.

His opening is really lame but, nice pics! He’s age appropriate, with full shoulder length hair, a strong nose and build, plus a real musician? Or maybe just older rocker vibe. While spinning through the photos it appears he still plays. Listed as 48, 6 foot, Long Island. The link showing his guitar skills and magnificent hands was quite enticing. His lips moved ever so slightly but expressively while he played. His hair moved in a way that I would love to revisit in my dreams. Vegetarian and no TV? I’ll start the flirting anyway to see if I will get to meet this hunk in person.

MYBE: Hi Sam. Great video. I could watch and listen to you for hours! :) But I could never go totally meatless. : / Is there still hope?

S9168: Thank you for the kind words. Yes, even with that I would definitely like to meet you in person.

MYBE: Cool : )

S9168: Next week is rough for me, maybe the week after? I know you have an aversion to phones but can we maybe talk? Or at least text?

MYBE: We can text, sure! And after we meet you can call me anytime. It’s just that cold calls don’t work for me. I have to meet in person, ya know? Here’s my number… Today I have some stuff to do but text me this weekend so we can exchange more info b4 we meet. :)

S9168: I am busy today too. Will text soon. Have a great day.


XYZ19: Wow are you gorgeous *) You must be lying about your age. You can’t be a day over 30.

This shirtless, blond wonder on a boat with a beer was virtual jailbait, but I had to make his day (and mine) and razz him a bit. Ripped torso in a natural, skateboarder, party animal way – all lean 6 feet of him. The other pics in the series were just as enticing, but under 30 is off limits for me. A girl has to draw the line somewhere?

MBYE: Why thank you! Compliments will get you everywhere :) And u are right! I did fib. I am really 50 in the smile shot and 51 in the others. Thanks to red wine and good lovin’. Best wishes!

XYZ19: Can I come over? (message me @)

What can I say? I said no, but younger men have some nerve these days. So adorable and enthusiastic! Never a dull moment…

I had dallied so long that Ed was offline and Sam was in adult ‘nowhere land.’ Oh well.

It was time for bed any way, as I had sculpt class on Friday morning so I had a quick glass of red and snuggled under the clean sheets in my big bedroom. I couldn’t help fantasizing about how Sam might be the one to follow and allow to seduce me this time. I imagined mad, tantric skills with his strong hands enticing me like they coaxed that guitar in the video.

The weekend flew by. It was Sunday afternoon and time to check online again.

EJ3483: Hey beautiful, how was your weekend? You still need to give me your number. We need to make plans for our meeting this week. Message me!

Yes, I was totally psyched to hear from Ed. He became an amazing, enthusiastic companion for the next few months. But Sam? Is it possible every man around 50 is so dry on the approach? “I find u attractive and want to talk to you?” WTF.

Oh well, for now I’ll keep choosing enthusiasm.


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