The Intimate Encounter

By Vivienne Arkell

TROY_MCCLURE (TM):  really enjoyed your profile wonder woman. can i see a pic?

SERIOUSLYSEXY (SS):  if i like yours i will most CERTAINLY reciprocate… guys first  :)

TM:  here u go

SS: nice! i like : ) so tell me about your hobbies and pastimes

TM:  besides traveling the US for tons of concerts- or at my mom’s house messing up her kitchen testing new recipes? LOL my work keeps me pretty busy

SS: what’s your best dish?  what did u like about my profile? ; )

TM:  what wasn’t there to like – u are a confident woman who lusts for nature, rowdy music and men LOL

TM: oh yeah, and dishes? anything spicy ; )

SS:   bingo … you pass : ) here are my pics

MM: oh no, i am seriously smitten

SS:   oh yea?  you like? : )

TM:  if you really are a fan of Tool and can dance and help in the kitchen, will u marry me? LOL

SS:  TBD … are u cool without seeing body shots? most guys are all about the nudie shots

(Ongoing banter)

TM: i like how we ‘flirt’ as u say. with your confidence i am sure, well… it’s all good

; )

TM: can i take u out for a drink next weekend?

SS: with all the other stuff we have agreed on and mucho minutes of convo : ) i think a yes is in store, deal!

TM: so glad we ‘met’. i will get back to you next week. g’night gorgeous

SS: nitenite

TM: Hello Sunshine. you really do have the most wonderful virtual laugh. I can’t wait to meet you.

SS: How can I help but smile with a man who adores women so much : )

TM:  i figured out a fun place for us to meet this weekend. it’s in the village and has cocktails as luscious as u are ; )

SS:  mmm, sounds like a plan. Do u know u are an amazing flirt? : )

TM: thank you ; )

SS: see you Friday at 8 at Angels Space

TM: until then, be well sweetie                 

SS: It’s friiiiday : )

TM: hey gorgeous, what’s up?

SS: have you had lunch yet?

TM: so how late are u keeping me up tonight?

SS: i’m starving

SS:  : P

SS: i dunno … I thought it was gonna be u keeping me up  : )

TM: oh boy, are u in trouble for daring me like that

SS: mmmm

SS: do you think it will stay nice out? i want to wear my cute shoes for u

TM: what else are u wearing?

SS: prolly faded jeans and a black top… something comfy

SS: i hate restrictive clothes

TM: me too ; )

SS: see you in a few hours : )

TM: ; )

‘Troy’ walked out of the metro 2 steps in front of me and stopped. His tousled hair, mischievous eyes and adorable gap-tooth grin were impossible to miss. ‘Accidently’ bumping into him sent tingles through both of us. My eyes met this stranger and automatically we knew we weren’t going to be strangers for long. His hand went down and squeezed mine in reassurance. His warm ‘I lust for us’ gaze also told me he would be good to me. I was in safe, sensual hands – with a man whose mind and body was seriously in sync with my mind and body.


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