Restraint Can Wait

Finding the sensual in daily life

By Vivienne Arkell

Even food and cooking can get the passionate mind rolling! Who can resist a headline with such inspirational words as these from Sam Sifton of New York Times Cooking in his article, “Restraint Can Wait.”

Just switch some of his luscious food words around for some activities.

“It’s dead simple: Stir together a bag of good chocolate chips in a double broiler with a stick of unsalted butter and a tablespoon of strong coffee. That’s it! You could add pecans, she allowed a beach towel underneath. Pour the stuff over ice cream the two of you.”

“So do that tonight. Next year you can eat fruit and fiber every day, and run five miles three times a week do it in the bedroom. But right now, try that sauce saucy, decadent attitude in the kitchen.”

Don’t deny your natural inclinations towards blissful pleasure. Savor the soft, sweet, pale winter skin of your lover. This particular chocolate sauce hardens over cold ice cream. But after that, future experimentation might be in order.

Sifton continues:

“In the late morning when you finally awaken, you can make a breakfast spread out of Melissa Clark’s new recipe for potted shrimp yourself, pairing it with Johnny Apple’s recipe for a Bloody Mary…”

Think of all the references to play with. Close your eyes and touch it, smell it, hear it. Move your lover’s lips around with your tongue. Savor, salivate, luscious, creamy, sinful – tender, juicy, moist. Read the cooking section of The New York Times to surreptitiously dream and plot?

“There are lots more recipes (musings and teasers) for this week and the coming New Year’s celebrations available on Cooking (The Sensualogist). Head on over and see what arouses your interest.”

Indulge your appetite with sensuality.


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