The Intimate Encounter: Part 2

Flirtation between TROY_MCCLURE (TM) and SERIOUSLYSEXY (SS) continues

By Vivienne Arkell

Angels Space was as magical as TM said it would be. The secret stairway through the back of a divey restaurant led into a dimly lit space that was right out of a spy movie or Lost in Translation.  The long bar was low and minimal, seating only ten. The maitre d’s chosen international patrons oozed with relaxed chicness, making for a dreamland with no boundaries – only possibilities.

“Babe let me get you the vodka melon, k?” TM said. Seamlessly, wordless, I touched his arm and leaned in and it became so. The moistness on his lips combined with bourbon was the most hypnotic concoction on the planet. We were both well on our way to euphoria.

His touch on the back of my waist sold me quicker than immediately. Affirming that our virtual crush was in fact real, we were on our way floating down the stairway onto the crowded city street – giggling, smooching and nuzzling our way to my place.

All through the night and early morn was a blissful session of nakedness, rocking, and rolling. His mouth was experienced and inspired me to reciprocate. TM wasn’t an athlete, but his agility and creativity made my body listen and respond to his every move and angle. His touch varied from caring to aggressor, making for passionate lovemaking and some pure screwing. Feelings of sharing were pervasive.

Multiple rounds of in-out and romping were punctuated by showering, cracking up, snacking and just plain silliness. We felt the connection and loved listening to each other’s bodies and tales.

Around 3 a.m. we finally passed out from delicious exhaustion and laughter.

Soon, light snuck into the apartment again.  And semi-awake, we were as desirous as ever. One more roll-in-the-hay was in order. TM’s hands roamed my curves in the most sensual way. What an infectious smile that man had! Obviously my naughty grin was reciprocated. We had been super lucky to find each other.

After exchanging a kiss and hug full of energy and regards, that tingle of “what next” ran in circles thru my mind. But one dares not break the trance. Silently, I communicated only thru my eyes and smile.

Look for Part 3 in the coming weeks…



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