Body Language

Conveying your message without speaking

By Vivienne Arkell

I arrived at the gallery opening a tad later than expected.

“Hey Vivi, you made it!” my friend Jill beamed as we hugged tightly. After the squeeze loosened, I pulled the Veuve Clicquot out of my bag, managed to gracefully pop the cork, and intently, yet softly, placed it in her beautiful artistic hands. Her enthusiasm for the unexpected act of kindness provoked a supergrin and I blushed from the thrill-back.

“You shouldn’t have!” She giggled. A little shimmy ran through her body to her toes. “Let me go find us some glasses.”

Such a catch she was – too bad I like men. Watching the appreciative glow emanate from her was so rewarding. Surely my body was also radiating her positivity.

Being without a SO at the time, my MO was to mingle. Everyone appeared so into themselves it was pitiful. “Do some mind exercises Vivi, and be into the universe,” I reminded myself.

Marilyn Minter’s erotic pieces in the next room were spectacular works of art. There were giant custom prints of her photographs, along with insanely detailed paintings of her photographs. I was feeling their overt sexuality, but I tried to stay focused. Both artists’ sensual pieces dealt with the rawness and realness of an encounter. The extreme colors from Minter were such a contrast to the black and white of my friend’s velvet performance pieces, but they both got my juices flowing.

As I reentered the gallery, a hottie neared me and hinted at his interest. Our eyes started saying “hi” in a crazy, magnetic lock.

”I’m Drew,” he said.

“Hey Drew, Vivi. Nice to meet you. What brings you here?”

His quick glance around the room seemed to say that he didn’t want to reveal his motive, but I persisted.

“Come on, what brings you here?”

I knew he already had eyes on me. He was just playing hard to get. Or maybe he had a girlfriend at the event? He had watched me size up a few men, try to tempt a few, and kiss-up to some others. Yet I felt he sensed how he was the only man that mattered to me.

“I help the artists. I set up the scene,” he said, flashing me his adorable, stoner grin.

A scantily clad groupie with augmented assets came over to snuggle him and try to claim the goods. Was she really trying to lure him away from me? I sauntered off to refresh my champagne and focused my gaze on the next hottest man in the room. Two can play at this.

Through the corner of my eye, I saw Drew disappear through the crowd. Next thing I knew he had slipped up behind me and rested his hand exactly on that dangerous zone at the top of my tush. Leaning into me he whispered. “She is all show and no substance. You are different, and I know. “

The seduction was so f*ckin’ subtle yet the vibe between us was insane. He truly loved women and knew how to charm and entice.

“Are you pushing my buttons or am I imagining it?” I said.

“Complicity babe. Our bodies are definitely talking the same language,” he responded.

Image credit: Painting by Aura Rosenberg


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