Bring it On, Bring it Back

Amping up desire

By Vivienne Arkell

Most mornings, like today, I wake desirous. It wasn’t always like this. For many years, in a long-term relationship, desire was difficult to muster. Erotic love was the furthest thing from my mind.

I was certain my man loved me, but I longed to be desired. Like Madonna sings in “Like a Virgin,” she felt “shiny and new.” She felt alive. I wanted to feel like that again.

There are many theories out there on how to keep erotic love and lust alive. For sensualists, it starts from within. Shining and flirting to a blank canvas is frustrating. But with any glisten you get, mirror it back! Set the mood.

Be vulnerable and open yourself to a possible yes. Starting with small gestures of playful amusement is usually safe. Is that why men who make us laugh are in such demand? Wink at the dog, actively tempt and flirt with your man – or the coffee man!

Interactions and fun encounters make us feel alive. Playful and amorous behavior, especially on stressful Mondays, makes us blossom and open ourselves up to refreshing sensual and sexual connections.

Find the best in those around you and stay light and amused with intensions. When you do connect, the warmth will radiate between you two and the future will be in your hands and arms.


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