The Best Sex Ever

3 kinds of awesome sex

By Vivienne Arkell

So how can I explain that special moment? When you feel like the center of his universe and he makes you feel like the ultimate goddess.

Yummy feelings and memories can last for years. Gary, my sexual awakening after twenty years of monogamy, was unforgettable. Every minute of each naked encounter is imprinted in my brain. I loved the scent of his neck and armpits, the taste of his fruity saliva, and the music of his chuckle as well as sweet sighs during our love making. When I close my eyes, I can still see the exact shape, curve and texture of every inch of his perfect body. The minute he would look into my eyes and squeeze my hand, my heart pounded as if I was reliving the most intense chapter in a fairy tale.

Or could the best sexual encounter be with someone I had only met in person an hour before? Seduction and anticipation are crucial to me for an awesome naked time session or sexual romp, and Dan had the art down to a science. He plied me for almost a week with charming intimate emails and texts. He arrived at the empty bar 30 minutes late, soaked from the summer rain. Yet before my second beer was touched, we were heading across the street to his friend’s empty apartment. I followed his implicit requests like a secret script. A few minutes of foreplay and missionary with results were followed by maybe three minutes of repose? Moving impossibly gracefully into 69 with him on top, more fireworks for both. After maybe five minutes of repose, Dan was touching me again. How was this possible? Respect, intensity, intuition and orgasm number three had all transpired in less than an hour. A Fellini film and snacks followed, yet the prior part of our evening had played out like an upscale training video made by sexperts.

But wait, there’s another candidate! Intimate encounter Troy worshipped the ground I walked on. Maybe you have read a few of our chapters? Complicity prevailed during a rowdy, all night romp where we were like teenagers trying out new toys. This episode was more of an erotic novel where the protagonists attempt every crazy position in the book. And guy makes girl feel like a super woman.

Am I being a tease and withholding hot details? Maybe. However, as we all know the questions are as important as the answers. What do you want from your encounter, your body, and your partner?

Would you pick bachelor number one who gave me the best emotionally connected feeling during sex? Would you vote for Dan who gave me the best flow and mind-body meld? Or do you prefer Troy, bachelor number three, who dished out the most excitement and best compliments.

Can there be one best lover?

More details soon to come in the Encounters section of The Sensualogist ; )



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