Geek Wins Over Superheroes

How did he do that?

By Vivienne Arkell

“If I could just find a guy who was smart and funny, I would so give up Luis.” Vivi sighed, downing her first cocktail in only two swigs.

“Yeah sure – plus rich with a great ass, right?” Emily chimed in chuckling.

“Very funny Em. Another jalapeno vodka please!” Vivi replied.

Confidence was attractive to Vivi. Sometimes it came in the shape of trainers and jocks, like Luis. He appreciated that Vivi kept in good shape and loved having a smart gringa on his arm. His mischievous gap-tooth grin and amazing bod kept her smiling. Being a great dancer, cook and coach were also big pluses. But Luis was less than stimulating, mentally.

Sometimes Vivi’s confident boyfriends came in the shape of musicians. Ed’s long hair and drummer’s pacing were true aphrodisiacs. Just tapping out tunes on the table and winking would send Vivi into a love trance that had her willing to get naked, whenever and wherever. But the late nights and parties – along with all those groupies vying for Ed’s attention? She broke it off before they got involved and it was too late.

Also don’t forget the Wall Street players and playboys. There had been a few tries, as traders abound with confidence. Fortified with money, they were as fearless as Vivi. They relished the challenge of a successful, savvy woman such as Vivi but in a game-like way. Vivi had always been up for the excitement, until she found out there was almost always ‘another’ woman waiting for them at home.

“Look Em, two more finance guys. Ugh, these super studs are getting so annoying!” Vivi bemoaned as she passed her phone, so Emily could check out the messages from her new suitors on OKCupid.

“Wow, I’ll take this one!” Emily squealed as she flipped through the flirts. The cocktails were obviously starting to do their job on the gals. “54 years old, 6’ 2”, boating pic in a killer yacht, lawyer by trade. No wait – I want this one – 46, real estate developer, no kids, nice abs sunning at the pool. Looks like the Hamptons. Ha! Look at this one. A redhead in the woods in a knight’s outfit. You love redheads. I dare you to answer this geek.”

“Deal on,” Vivi blurted before she even had a chance to look. Mark claimed he was thirty seven but he didn’t look a day over thirty two. Maybe it was an old picture? Vivi adored younger men as they usually came with minimal baggage. Yet what was up with this skinny dude in a cosplay outfit? In his other photo, her suitor had on bright yellow pants, nerdy glasses, and a blazer. He looked semi-suave, though quite eccentric. Who in NYC wears yellow pants and brown wingtips with no socks to a roof party.

His opening line was not original, but it was one of Vivi’s favorites. “You are absolutely gorgeous,” Mark wrote. “I see you live in Chelsea, which is great because I never go above 23rd street… lol. Want to meet for a drink this weekend?”

After a few more text messages, the date was set for happy hour just two days away. “Em, can you believe how sweet and no BS this guy is? Look what he wrote,” she said passing Emily the phone. “And who goes out Saturday at 5pm?” Viv said all giggly. “I think I like him.”

Her date turned out to be everything Vivi had been hoping for. Mark was all smiles in person and had the most expressive blue eyes that almost popped out of his head every time he got excited. They finished a bottle of wine in no time, without ever once discussing dull personal stats or old relationships. It was all a flow of modes and methods of creating environments and film sets, theories of relativity, philosophy and cooking tips. As they left the bar for dinner, Mark insisted on holding hands as they walked down the street. He squeezed her hand again as he walked her home, leaving her with the most sensual sidewalk kiss she had tasted in years.

The next morning, Vivi woke to the coolest surprise – a text from Mark. “Looking forward to our next night of inspiration and fun.” Vivi grinned from ear to ear. She had never been in lust with a man’s brain before.

The relationship lasted for months with weekly rendezvous, crazy outings and sleepless sleepovers. Both parties were thoroughly stimulated in mind and body. Often the two would romp and roll aimlessly for hours in bed; seamlessly shifting between sharing their bodies and sharing stories, before venturing out at midnight for more entertainment and food. Mark was as original and creative in the bedroom as he was at storytelling and film making. The way he gazed, mesmerized, into Vivi’s eyes made her feel desired and adored. It was almost too good to be true. Too intense, too fast.

Vivi still recruits Emily to edit new suitors on OKCupid. The quirkier and geek-centric, the better!


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