The Mistress

Vivi welcomes the challenge

By Vivienne Arkell

Vivi and Anwar were finally mellow and showering after an exceptionally rambunctious evening of dinner, debate, and hot sex. A’s wit, charm and intellect had wooed Vivi at first sight and their Thursday dates had become a weekly ritual. Besides the lavish dinners and soul-searching conversations, their bond grew quickly through equally delicious and challenging naked romps. It had been over a month that the two had been dating, so Vivi decided to finally pop the question.

“Hey sweetie, wanna come to a party with me on Saturday? It’s at Milk Studios and there’s gonna be a DJ and catering. Cat and Vicky are bartending so we’ll get free drinks. Bill and Kate will be there too so you can meet them. Wanna join me?”

A look came over A’s face that was hard to read. He was always so warm and open, but at this moment his forehead and brows contorted with an excruciating twist.

“Babe, I’m not available on weekends,” he said softly as he put his arm around V’s waist, kissed her lips, and pulled her in close. “I should have told you before, but I live with someone. “

Vivi was so stunned she really didn’t know how to react.

“Wow,” she whispered. Vivi pushed back and gazed into his guilty, puppy dog eyes. “Wow, you already have a girlfriend? I need to give this some thought babe. Sorta shocked right now”.

“I’m really sorry I couldn’t tell you sooner V. I didn’t want to lose you. My live in and I haven’t had sex for months – and I just feel so connected to you. “

Shaking her head in disbelief, Vivi led A to the door. He hugged Vivi’s lifeless body tightly, and gave her a soft kiss on the lips. “Please try to understand V,” he whispered. “I really want you. I really want our friendship to continue and blossom.”

After the door shut, Vivi was steaming. Now she understood why he always had clients and stuff to do on the weekends. How could she have been so blind? But she didn’t want to stop seeing A. Did she really have to stop seeing him?

Grabbing a giant refill of red wine, Vivi plopped onto the bed with her laptop and started Googling: mistress. Vivi’s stomach wretched. According to Urban Dictionary, she had just become “a woman with no self-respect who is willing to subject herself to the marginal attention of a married man. A mistress used her female energy for evil.”

“Bullshit,” Vivi said to herself. She was a woman with morals who had been led astray. She had never been treated as his whore or a crappy, cold-hearted hookup.

Besides spending hours sharing travel stories, investment tips and cracking her up with his jokes, A had actually confided in her over a trade he was working on. He even asked her opinion on his contractors and work being done on his new property.

Checking some other online definitions for mistress, Vivi landed on Wiki. “A woman, specifically one with great control, authority or ownership. She was the mistress of the estate and the female companion to a master (a man with control, and authority).” She accepted this much more readily as Vivi and A were a perfect team of respect and power, owning their careers and passions. They always discussed issues, concepts and everything else about life during their long dinners together.

Wiki’s second definition, “A woman well skilled in anything or having mastery over it, “made Vivi chuckle out loud. She certainly had mastery over A’s body and emotions. And skills? Well, we really didn’t need to explain as A loved to kiddingly call Vivi his geisha. A classically trained geisha is a true entertainer with music, dance and conversation being key. Vivi always prepared music, sweet snacks and readings to add after dinnertime and take their relationship to a higher level.

Truth be told, mastery of passion was Vivi and A’s favorite competency. His power and charm flipped her switch – their weekly rendezvous and steamy texts kept them both on top of their game.

After all of A’s sweet texts the following week, Vivi of course agreed to meet for their regular Thursday cocktails and dinner. Seeing him warmed her, yet also made her incredibly nervous. But after a few drinks, V had to ask. “Sweetie, would you ever leave her for me?

“Babe, you wouldn’t want to live with me. All that daily routine shit kills my desire. You can start living with me tomorrow, but I’ll stop having sex with you within six months, guaranteed!” He added.

“Really? But it will be different for us.” V said as she snuggled up to A.

“Trust me, I’ve been down this road before. This isn’t the first live in that I failed.”

The next morning, Vivi reconsidered her status. If things got more serious with A and his girlfriend, Vivi did understand that she would have to reevaluate the relationship – all things being fluid in matters of love, life, and the universe. But for now it was a new world and Vivi embraced her new position as geisha-mistress, confident in her aura, skills, and power. Plus the mastery of what it means to be a true companion in mind and body.


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