The Intimate Encounter: Part 3

TROY_MCCLURE (TM) and SERIOUSLYSEXY (SS) affirm their bond

By Vivienne Arkell

New lovers can’t be possessive or demanding, so the rest of Saturday I just basked in the energy and vibes that remained in my body from our magnificent lustful romp. I hadn’t felt this mellow and whole with the universe in the longest time. A brand new, semi-permanent grin had made its way to my moony face. Wondering when I would hear from my new lover, my inner voice gave me a nudge, saying “patience woman.”

Sunday was rainy and cool. I so wished TM was back in my bed with me. I lingered, returning to bed often that day. Our scent was still on the pillows and just squeezing them close made me wet all over again.

Around 4 pm, the affirmatory text that I was craving arrived.

MC: Sexy, that had to have been the single hottest night of sex that anyone has ever had. I love the way you kissed and I love the way you came. Are you up for an encore?

By the time I had finished reading, my face was crimson red. A combination of a giggle and squeal burst from my mouth. What more could I ask from a first date? Tingling with his energy and his compliments, I could barely type.

SS: I am in the middle of my own fantasy encore at this very moment Troy. So I guess that means the answer is yes? : )

MC: You are a handful Sexy. And I love every inch and every minute.

MC: I have a lot of appointments out of state this month, but I will be back to you soon. Can’t wait. xo

Playfully, and remaining tortuously teasing, we shot messages back and forth all week. Open and vulnerable, we had this way of being able to stimulate and calm each other with the same words.

The following weekend, TM had clients in town. The weekend after that I had to leave for Spain to work with a client. When I returned, TM was off on a trip to the West coast for a few weeks on a new project. Then I was gone again…

Our encounter played out in the most beautiful way imaginable. He adored me and I worshiped his affectionate nature and infectious power. I would forever have warmth in my heart and soul for TM. Not only did our bodies meet, but our souls met and shared the most amazing desire and respect.

I don’t think either one of us ever will forget that pre-game week of flirting and innuendos… Nor that evening of hotness, tenderness, and connection.

Last week I looked in my messenger history to relive the times. The digital remains still made me smile – and made me wet. I wonder if he ever does the same?


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