Bringin’ Sexy Back: Poetry Pearls

Feel shiny and new again!

By Vivienne Arkell

Poetry pearls musings often start with an inspiring image, like these pennies. In the original photo these coins were dull, boring and lifeless. Yet with a quick fix and polish, they became shiny and sexy again! : )

It made me think, why do we let things get dull? Why do we allow sexual urges take a back seat, masking our real sensual self as the years pass by.

A penny, like erotic lust and sensual sensations, can often be undervalued. We assume they both have minimal value over time, and you need a LOT of them to amount to much or get you to the big O, along with fame or fortune. But in reality, isn’t it the little things in life that give us the biggest satisfaction?

I loved sneaking to watch my big sis in deep necking and petting session with her high school bf. I will remember those secret thrilling morsels forever. I recall the first time I was asked out on a romantic dinner date. It was for exotic Japanese food in Illinois and the guy eventually became my husband. And my first love after my ex? I have hundreds of pennies and even silver-dollar-size memories that added up to me truly connecting with an amazing new man, opening my heart up forever since. I feel blessed, as these tiny tokens, piled high, have given me a rich life full of love and warmth.

So let’s flashback to 2006 for our theme song of the day – when young and hot Justin Timberlake was purring “I’m bringin’ sexy back.” That song went triple platinum, which is way better than copper. I started shaking booty to those lyrics all right.

But you know, before hearing this song I didn’t even know that sexy was missing. How is it that we need these wake-up calls? After hearing this tune and watching the yummy video, I definitely wanted what he was having. We were all like, “Yes, I definitely want sexy back!” Mmm. I wonder how many babies were born nine months later.

Eleven years have passed, and is your sexy so far gone that it seems impossible to get back? There are some awesome reads that can inspire in The Sensualogist bookshop, and consider these pearls for adding some luster to a rusty relationship.

Retuning the mind involves tweaking your ideals. Living with anyone, day in and day out for a length of time, can certainly take the shine off. But a clue to staying sexually attracted is to put on different glasses. See them in a new light. Perhaps try a new set of values. Or find a new fascination with silver foxes and vintage coins? Maybe read some sexy books together.

After polishing up the libido, it’s time to let your bodies loose. Go out of your way to remember things your sweetie likes: flirting, favors and fun things. Do something that will make them sparkle, like touching, fondling and neck kisses. Rub them, stroke them, and massage them. Rekindle the original fascination and joy of being naked together.

Appreciate pennies you give and receive from your lover. They are little but they do add up and bring good luck.

Refreshed and feeling shiny and new, let’s put on Timberlake’s song SexyBack and flip that coin!

Who won the toss? Is it time for head or tail? : P


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