5 Steps to Becoming Naturally Sensual

A practice that gives energy

By Vivienne Arkell

There’s rarely a day that I don’t feel sensual, because sensuality for me is a state of mind and a way of life. Maybe I’m not looking my best or even having sex, but I still respect my body and my practice and call up sensual energy daily.

Sensuality is a celebration of life. It’s your mind and body playing together in yin/yang mode. It’s when the fluffy white cloud and the glowing lightning rod collide and create heartfelt experiences.

The definition of a sensualist, according to dictionary.com, is “a person given to the indulgence of the senses or appetites.” Sensuous is relating to the five senses. Connecting to the world in a sensuous way can also drum up sensual thoughts – those desires expressed by passions of the body and an appetite for the physically pleasing. Sensuality is inside of each of us, just waiting to enhance our experiences and be embraced.

How do you connect with your sensual energy?

1. Start by being curious and actually sensing and paying attention to tiny details. Some days, don’t you see the flowers as more colorful and vibrant and hear the bees a hummin’? Remember that day that the coffee smelled extra yummy and rich, while the croissant was like velvet on your tongue? Cultivate this daily.

2. Take time and make a moment to smile and be playful. This is when you will expand yourself sensually to acknowledging friendly people and being open to them. I have joked before about winking at four-legged creatures on the street, yet when you admire nature, nature does smile back on you. When you are in harmony with dogs, trees, kids, life, it all comes together. You will feel in touch, warm, and ready to share.

3. One of the big clues towards a more sensual life is slowing down. Savor sex, and start with savoring your own body. Is it curvy? Is it slim? Take a few moments. Touch it and be in touch with it. Love it and be in love with it. Connect with yourself and the energy of yoni. Our bodies can give us lots of pleasure. When we have a lover, that feeling of connection and togetherness can be awesome. If you don’t have a lover, help yourself. The hormones that remain flowing afterwards are so sexy, sensual and rewarding.

4. Be super open to enjoyment. There will always be negative stuff going on, but override that and ENJOY. Focus on touch, taste, beauty, wellness and goodness. You will start to uncover and recognize new ways of relating to everything in your life. Opportunities to express your own sensuality will find you.

5. Believe in yourself, believe in your body. Believe in magic – the magic of indulging in the sensual life.

Image credit: Photo by Jon Levi


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