Marathon Love Making

Embrace self-trust, give up all control

Issue #20

By Vivienne Arkell

Viv and Kat were like sisters. Kat was confident, sharp as a tack and gorgeous; so it was never easy for her to relent to being a sex object. Letting go and being out of control was not something she ever aspired to: too scary, too intimidating. But she knew it was probably the only way she might cum, or better yet, indulge in endless waves of pleasure.

Kat did admit that the idea of another date night with smooth guy Kevin was super appealing. Unlike her last boyfriend Mark, who reveled in last minute chaos as a creative wanderer with little direction, new man Kev had a totally different vibe. Like Clark Gable in Gone with the Wind, Kevin had mastered alpha magnetism. Upon entering any room, he took charge of everything in one fell swoop. Being his polar opposite actually felt safe for Kat, since Kev was demonstratively a giver and a taker.

Kev had swagger, amazing body language and confidence. His suit fit beautifully and accentuated every inch of his slim frame. He was not afraid to show his sexuality. Kev was totally in control and accounted for every minute detail (new locale, frisky flirting and ready to take it all off). No timer, no interruptions, no boundaries, and all smiles.

Kat so wanted to feel that emotional connection, morphing into insatiable sexual hunger after actually getting aroused. Men always were firm first, with sentiments after. It seemed they were generally fine with just purposeful seduction and a climax. But for Kat, desire followed arousal. Would it be a verbal seduction with sexy dialog that got her juices flowing? Or would Kevin’s movie-worthy charisma, touches, caresses and animal magnetism be the trick to getting her lower lips and breasts to swell. Being sexually ‘taken’ always thrilled her into the mood and off.

Kev, seemingly able to read her mind, looked Kat straight in the eyes with an intensity and conviction she had never witnessed before. He took pleasure in her hesitance and moved purposely forward, planting a strong, sensual kiss on her lips and a hand up her sweater. She knew instantly that he would continue until he succeeded in giving her the most pleasurable experiences possible in one evening. His unapologetic conviction and fearlessness was contagious.

The first round of seduction lingered as Kevin covered all of Kat’s body with his hands and mouth, not forgetting an inch. He wanted the night to be unforgettable and that wouldn’t happen with any quickies. Kat remained a tad nervous, succumbing rather quickly to his advances. But Kev was fine with this because he knew he was just getting warmed up. With her willingness, they could go all night with just small breaks for snacks and snuggles.

When Kev started back kissing Kat’s breasts, she finally allowed herself to release and abandon all control. She tapped into her own self-trust. As she loosened and warmed her mind to the pleasure of his fingers and lips, she realized how her body so deserved a sexual reward from Kev. Imagining the best way to engage would be if she became a participant in the intimacy, with her own cravings. Kat fully submitted to the desires of her mind and body. By round three, her body was perfectly tuned to Kevin’s body, moving together in harmony. Kat’s resulting orgasm was powerful and exposed her. A few tiny tears came to her eyes but a quiet chuckle as well. Her emotions were impossible to sort out.

Room service was soon to arrive, so Kat took a needed break to freshen up and float in her euphoria. She really didn’t feel like food. She felt unleashed and wanted more of Kevin.

Kevin was chill, but all smiles. He appeared humble enough, yet Kat could see he was definitely proud of their achievements and bonding. Kat had heard that most alphas have an insatiable thirst for more. And all it took was her mischievous look for Kev to wrestle her down again. They both forged ahead to reach yet another climax, unapologetic in the hedonism that wrapped them both in lust and love.

Every chance he got, Kev helped Kat reach her peaks, all the while moving closer to attaining simultaneous pleasure. Their intense reactions surprised them both. Not with anything that Kevin said, but how he made Kat feel. And how she made him feel. Embrace self-trust, give up control.


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