Random Small Gestures: Poetry Pearls

Self-expression, body language and niceties

Issue #20

By Vivienne Arkell

Did you ever think about how a box or bag of chocolates makes the inner kid inside of us get wide-eyed and grin with delight? Or why even a single Hershey’s kiss from a family member, neighbor, or friend elicits warm feelings in almost everyone? It’s the amazing power of small gestures.

But how often do we truly and proactively display generosity, care, affection and love towards the people we encounter? Reflecting on daily sensuality, are things moving so fast we actually forget to express ourselves? Sometimes we emote naturally and we don’t need to think about how we express our inner reality to those outside. Yet for others, are these tiny magical miracles and gestures that occur daily, being overlooked or taken for granted?

Small gifts as niceties always evoke happiness and are universally appreciated. But what a true sensualist understands is that not all gestures need to be tangible or audible. Think about how someone’s smile, flirt, or joyous mannerisms on the street can generate another smile, in you. An instantaneous natural display of affection, expressed to others, can have a huge impact on one’s mindset. Joking playfully with friends and lovers helps us reconnect and rediscover childlike innocence, euphoria and the spirit of youth.

Positive self-expression is most often revealed through our body language. It’s how you move and communicate non-verbally. What you do – expressing ourselves, sharing, experiencing, and connecting – is way more important than what you say. To paraphrase a well-known quote, attributed in 1971 to Carl W.Buehner: 

People don’t always remember what you said, but they remember how you made them feel.

It’s not only about you, it’s about others and how you made THEM feel. Everything in the universe, no matter how random it seems, is connected. And as we all know from reading The Sensualogist, everything relates to sex. Even the tiniest tokens or gestures of giving and sharing can snowball to morph into big rewards for your inner senses.

Take a few minutes to pause and savor life. Observe how someone enjoys their food, holds a cigarette, or plays with the dog. Listen to the neighbor’s chuckle, the different manners of speaking or children’s squeals of laughter. All of these are elaborate pieces of our story, self-discovery, and self-expression. Sharing in the essence of these simple pleasures, we will all remember how a small gesture of kindness, laugh, smile, or kiss made us feel. We are social creatures who thrive on daily interactions. As we seek connection with others, we realize that others want to experience the same from us.

Show your appreciation and gratitude. Pay it forward. You will never actually know the true value of your simple daily gestures, but your soul and the universe will. Strengthen and reward your inner self with outward gestures.


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