The Net

Vivi Meets Vulnerability

Issue #24

By Vivienne Arkell

Once upon a time there was a girl in a fancy tulle skirt. She always went around catching things that excited her. Guided by her mentor, her net empowered her. Together they caught wicked wasps, buzzing beetles, daring dragonflies and sensual swallowtails. The exploration, study, and capture of specimens became a passionate pastime for Vivi. This little ballerina made beautiful collections that stirred interest in everyone.

Vivi always said yes to the chase, especially when she could go out alone. She explored without inhibition.

At dusk, the moist evening air by the river was heavenly. The essence of pheromones permeated all of nature. Her eyes seduced, while her cheeks flushed with excitement and arousal.

The skirt and black mesh tickled her soft thighs, making her juices sweeter and warmer. She felt like a princess, with her pink flesh hidden under dark fibers. Vivi squirmed with delight to the twitching and pulsing trapped in her net. She could entice and trap almost anything with it – deep in it. Her net could catch and protect her at the same time. But would it keep her safe?

Spring arrived again, yet with so many changes nothing was as Vivi expected. Scents and signals weren’t so clear anymore. Her favorite tulle skirt no longer made her feel free or fancy. The dark fibers and netting felt constricting. All Vivi could hear in her head were a mentor’s poetic words:

… Let’s keep falling into love
without a net
let’s not catch each other…
and we’ll make each other brave
instead of safe

Did the safety net have to go? Would her sex no longer be needed for the catch? Vivi would succumb to nature and vulnerability. She would keep falling, but without a net.

Poem excerpt: “Falling into Love” by Monica Day.


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