All About Your V.

… and the little pink bud

Issue #24

By Vivienne Arkell

“As tempting as it is to reach straight for the genitals and start rubbing, let’s not forget: Sex is a full-body experience” begin Jaiya and Jon Hanauer, authors of Red Hot Touch. Illustrations abound as this couple focuses on tips for a “symphony’s worth of sensations – that permeate your sense of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch in subtle, complex, and thrilling ways.”

Whether you are an expert or just getting reacquainted with your V-zone, our authors warm readers up with refreshers on breathing, the importance of lubrication, and tips on erotic massage. After covering over twenty techniques for giving your man a hand, so you don’t just “coast thru your sexual experiences never really learning in detail what makes his twig and berries truly tick,” the team moves on to explain how you or your partner can stimulate the female vulva, G-spot, A-spot, U-spot and beyond. With over twenty moves to try, Jaiya and Jon illustrate how to “unlock Pandora’s box” and gingerly expose the “little love button.” You will be tickled pink to know they have left no secrets uncovered for exciting the entire vulva and clitoris, as well as inducing orgasmic vaginal contractions.

With fun names like teacher’s pet, the shimmy, and triple threat, you and your lover won’t mind learning these lessons or doing some extracurricular homework. Novices and experienced sensualists alike will delight in teasing out these techniques on each other. This handbook reminds us that the body is a “beautiful canvas on which your hands can work their magic.” It’s exploration and sexploration made seriously entertaining.

Our guides remind us: “Don’t call it quits after one climax… yet also, don’t freak if you don’t peak.” Sensual touch is a full body experience, so have fun with all of the possibilities.

After you have conquered these manual moves, and are brave enough or ready to share this article with your lover, The Sensualogist suggests some additional pages for your pleasure. Highly recommended, the ‘school of going down award’ goes to Ian Kerner for his must-have guide She Comes First. After a glass of wine, and a full body seduction, turn to page 186 for seventy pages of in depth training on pleasing a woman orally. Kerner’s appreciation of the V. is wildly apparent and those reading his seductive words will also be mesmerized: “starting by delicately peeling the panties aside to reveal a glistening wet vulva.” Wow, so hot.

Appreciation for your little love bud and the finest sensual sensations in life are only an arm’s length away. Use your hands and mouth to their full potential, and pass the pages too please.

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