The Pleasure Principle

Anticipating the encounter

Issue #28

By Vivienne Arkell

It was officially time for a new lover. Enough relying on old standbys, waiting for reluctant newbies and even considering bad kissers. It was the start of summer and time for a clean slate. I figured it wouldn’t take long if I put my body and mind to it; practice full immersion. After all, most 30 to 40-year-old men had the same thing on the brain as I did – sex.

Time to start the engines! Reigniting the physical would certainly kick-start my sexual curiosity again, and vice versa. Pampering of the bod came first. “Spring cleaning for everything,” I declared to myself, “including the V.” The gal Mari at my local spa was thrilled when I asked for a Hollywood wax instead of my usual Brazilian. OMG. Miss kitty was soo smooth. I had only been totally v-bare one other time, about two years ago. Wow. Might be a new indulgence? “Hard to keep my hands off of her,” I giggled.

It was perfect inspiration to go online shopping for men. Not that I needed much as the instinctive drive to seek maximum sensual pleasure was always at the top of my mind’s unconscious list. But I wasn’t a total addict to Freud’s pleasure principle. Instant gratification wasn’t required. I actually adore the build-up of sexual tension before release.

Responding to three hotties on OKC and some more on Cougarlife, the groundwork was laid. All I had to do was wait for one to actually ask me out on a date. I treated myself to a sexy movie for some teasing stimulation. Mari warned me not to watch too spicy of a film, as I needed to let little V relax and heal. It was fine as morning was always my preferred time for self-pleasure. The countdown began, tic-tic-tic.

Morning came and so did I. I’d secured a date with a dark eyed, mystery man – perfect visual from the inbox for my morning fun. Miss V was so spoiled! Even with a steamy mind and silky smooth cooch, she only gave me a mini thrill. Photos and fantasies alone rarely worked anymore. Truly dedicated to pleasure and connection, my body and mind accepted only the real thing to push me over the edge. I needed an actual partner in crime to excite and indulge in.

My amazing first date with mystery man was off the charts. Chemistry wise, we were ready to make out minutes after we locked eyes, but it’s almost always best to hold off. “I’ll text you later Vivi,” he whispered, leaning in for a soft kiss and squeeze. Mmm. Don’t you agree that anticipation, to fulfill our most basic primitive urge, makes the sex so much dreamier? After all, I had four days to fantasize about our next encounter, the encounter. Would his kisses be deep and wet? How would his body feel? How would we move?

That evening arrived quickly. After getting my hair and makeup perfect, I did a few stretches to get the juices flowing. Taking my ritual second bath, the flush and rush gave me a sensual aura. Mindful of my body, I’m comfy in my skin and feeling fabulous.

Will he be able to navigate with the originality my sensuality so desires? I needed someone to accompany me on my plunge into deep mental and physical pleasure. Would he be a sensualist like me, savoring every sense of our sex? Creative and curious, I hope courage and freedom will join us. So many scenarios built up in my mind.

I feel beautiful, sexy, and alive. Permission for pleasure granted. Time to indulge.


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