Discover Your Pleasure Potential

Move out of your head, into your body

Issue #28

By Vivienne Arkell

What a perfect week to journal about pleasure and potential. I’m free as a bird after finishing a four-month project, and just home from a family visit full of great conversations, food, and sun. Yet boom, I’m in a rut. Had I forgotten my sensual self? It was time to take my own advice: get out of my head and go back to feeling that gratitude deep within my body.

Ready for a reboot, I returned to nature’s most natural and primitive experience: sexual pleasure. Yes, spa treatments, vacations and chocolates are indulgences that count towards happiness, but real pleasure comes in even simpler forms. Why is sexual pleasure so important? Like many practices that emanate from a spiritual center, it’s a focus all on you. Enlightenment comes from within. Compassion and happiness depend first on yourself and self-love. Whether you indulge in self-pleasure or not, it’s all good. What’s most important is taking time to spotlight your pleasure and inner peace.

First, clear your mind and access the pathway. The worst enemy is often ourselves. Protect your mind from negative thoughts and emotions. Focus on what pleasure is to your body. Check your own motivations then train your body to flow with sensual energy, intensions, and sensations. Like a contagious smile, when you are able to show pleasure you can spread pleasure. Make your pleasure shine without words.

Choose and embrace sensual flow. Embodiment is a state where the deep energies of the body meld with your presence. Keep this flow turned on. Avoid obstacles and distractions, focusing on the slow and mindful savoring of sensuality and yourself. Experience pleasure alone first. When you are comfortable, pleasure will flow naturally and you will be able to share it daily with others.

To take pleasure seriously, prioritize your practice. Psyche yourself up and connect using a personal mantra. After insights from a doctor, spiritual teacher, or readings, it’s up to the individual to keep faith and follow their own path to awaken the body. Sometimes we don’t even know why we are feeling blue, yet amending our actions and developing an enlightened mind will liberate us. Pleasurable talk and actions soothe the body and soul. Make time daily, as practice makes perfect.

Allow your body and soul to tap into your greatest pleasure potential, sensual energy. Pleasure which we can share gives life. Enjoying pleasure through sensuality, you will discover how erotic intelligence can enlighten your life.


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