The Dom

Experiencing full dominance

Issue #29

By Vivienne Arkell

His intensions were very clear – as were his demands.

“Hey Vivi, would love to see you this week. Thursday at your place?” Matt’s text announced.

“Sounds great : )” I answered with my ever-present smiley face. It’s rare in NYC for a man to actually know what he wants and make plans ahead, so I rewarded my suitor with a pleased, accepting grin.

“I want to shake things up. Are you ready to follow my demands?” Announced the next line of text.

“What did he mean?” I mouthed to myself. He had proven to be domineering and infallible – often fairly aggressive, but demands? I guess that meant no more cheery emojis. This was serious.

“OK,” I choked out nervously. Luckily we were communicating via text so he couldn’t see my heart pounding faster and faster or my mind racing. I had read about kink D/s, short for dominant submissive BDSM play in the world of kinky sex. I was hoping Matt wasn’t going there. I had heard kink BDSM encounters were often just a power trip with no real sex involved. No thanks. That’s really not anything this sensualist was game for. Luckily, I had developed full trust in Matt and knew we were both into sex and pleasure.

His text outlined it all. “I want you to have the second door unlocked when I get there. You will buzz me in, go to the bed and not look back. Wear a sexy top with your bottom exposed. Lie face down and make sure you are already fully excited when I appear behind you. Do you understand?”

“Yes” I typed, gulping.

“Good girl. See you then,” Matt answered.

The anticipation of my orders made my panties moist. After the whole scenario had been spelled out in writing, I was fully flushed and wet. Matt had an amazing way with my curves. My body always said yes to him so I welcomed this mind control as well. I went immediately to my bedroom, reread the script and climaxed.

Thursday arrived and the scene played out like elegant, naughty porn. True, I felt objectified – but not humiliated. Matt moved in smoothly and courageously like a tiger on the hunt: controlling yet graceful, and confident yet not too cocky. A good Dom pays close attention to his sub’s experience. He knew when I was approaching my limits, watching attentively then pausing when I needed a break. Unlike some extreme scenarios, Matt was also wary of my sexual pleasure.

In the following days, I played the tryst over and over in my head. I relished being told what to do, liberated from all responsibility. It was total surrender as Matt took full control of my body. Though incredibly thrilling, I didn’t feel threatened. Deep down I trusted Matt. While I surrendered to his commands and wishes, he submitted and committed to my total pleasure.


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