Start Swimming

Flowing together

Issue #32

By Vivienne Arkell

I wondered if we’d sink or swim. We loved nature, thunderstorms and anything that flowed. He told me I was sexy. I told him he was beautiful. Every time our clothes came off, our minds and bodies would meld and nature took over. In both creative and sexual flow, we surrendered all control, marveling at how two souls could be so in sync.

When we were naked in flow, none of our faculties were actually in charge. That was the beauty and mystery. All we knew and registered were experiences and feelings. Ego fell away. Was it our passion for kissing, touching, and sliding? Or was it the experience, full of feelings and emotions. Nothing else mattered. The external world dimmed and our senses heightened: time stopped, thinking stopped. Our flow state left us in a zone so consumed with the task at hand, that there wasn’t an ounce of extra attention to be allocated. We maxed out our skills along with our receptors, in blissful floods of sensory overload. Sensual energy flow was in charge and nothing could be done about it.

The potential for gratification left us so immersed in our experience that we even ignored water and sleep. Drowning in pleasure and lost in each other, we were dedicated to the activity for its own sake. We helplessly watched from afar as we flowed up, over, and back, cresting and crashing in ways we never knew were possible.

My lover loved our fluidity and relished diving into my pool. Intense and focused, he was masterfully mindful, concentrating only on the present, our zone. As his lips and tongue touched my lower lips, I sensed an acutely accurate merging of action and awareness. It was as if he held personal control over my V and her happiness, without actually understanding or evaluating what was happening. For this mermaid, the distortion of time was both incredibly hot and disconcerting. Deep and conscious breathing was the only thing that could distract me from my impulse to dissect the scene, allowing the sensations to thrill me while I abandoned self- consciousness and purpose. I whispered my mantra over and over to myself. “You are here to enjoy and be enjoyed. Flow.”

We vowed never to overthink things nor try to analyze this gift of flow. If this man had any early fears of his mermaid appearing to be the more dedicated swimmer, he never showed it. Truth was, he was probably the support and lifeguard. Sometimes, when we were together, I felt like we were even able to breathe underwater. The rewards of flow were palpable throughout our entire bodies. Did I need him more than he needed me? His skills at listening and caring were way beyond mine. His wit and sarcasm could reduce any difficult circumstance into play, freeing us in moments where nets and buoys might have kept us from swimming.

Would the water ever get murky? Seemed like the clarity of flowing water was the scarier of the two. Murky can be filtered and fixed. But overall, we found comfort in the stream together. The mermaid and her lifeguard agreed that everything could become flow, as long as new challenges were sought and overcome.

We are all born with this ability to swim – knowing that both sex and water feel refreshing and renewing. Follow nature’s energy. Dive in, feel the flow, and start swimming.

Image Credit: Photo by Christopher Campbell


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