3 Keys to Practicing Sensual Flow

Tap into the fluidity of your body

Issue #32

By Vivienne Arkell

So many things depend on flow. And when they don’t, chaos ensues. Blocked water flow means certain death for plants, rivers, and fish. When electricity doesn’t flow, mass communication and commerce are halted. If air and blood don’t flow, the brain and heart fail. Cultivating energy flow within the body is also critical to living with vitality.

If our body’s energy freezes, sensual flow is also blocked. Whether frozen in feeling and open with sex, or open with feelings and frozen with sex, distorted energy patterns can be repaired. In his course on Resurrecting the Soul, guru Deepak Chopra explains that every cell is made up of two invisible ingredients: awareness and energy. The idea here, says Chopra, is to “completely reinvent your body, transforming it from a material object to a dynamic flowing process.”

Methods of entering flow are deeply individual. Your practice can be as spiritual or as physical as you want it to be. At first in may seem difficult to be ‘in the moment,’ yet over time the subconscious will learn to get into a groove or zone. New capacities will be imprinted and old habits discarded.

Start by clearing your mind as creative expression starts to flow. Everything must flow. There is a limited amount of attention available at any given moment for experiencing the world, so concentrate on clarity more than action or outcome. Start with deep and conscious breathing to lower any anxiety, relax muscles and gain an inner feeling of calm. Breathe in deeply through your mouth, drawing an imaginary flow up the front of your body. Then slowly exhale, sending the flow rolling down the back and over your spine. Be aware of all senses and sensations. Sensual touch is a great way to assist flow, whether alone or coupled. Try to achieve a zone where the flow of energy throughout your body is the only thing you are focused on.

Listen to your internal senses. Go beyond the external senses of taste, sight, touch, smell, and sound. In flow, all of the external senses are flooded in a good way. Awakening the energy in often hidden layers – the internal senses such as intuition and emotion – starts an even deeper flow in motion. Since there aren’t many maps for outlining and exploring our internal senses, a good place to start is with the ancient study of Chakras. The theory behind Chakras is that seven energy channels intersect throughout the body. If we hold too much negative energy, channels become blocked and need balancing. If flow is too strong, unwanted floods of emotion can occur. Our emotions are energy in motion. Feelings need to ebb and flow, not stay bottled up. Let yourself laugh, cry and emote during practice. With harmonious flow, your body will radiate.

As a sexual being, it’s also important to embrace your specifically female energy. As a woman’s cycle slows, physical ‘kinks’ associated with midlife begin to surface. Staying in touch with your sensuality keeps your body vital and in motion. With the constantly changing world and crazy hormone levels, masculine energies may feel even stronger. Focus on surrendering and feeling your way through life with heart and body pulsating with energy. Revel in the texture of your sensations, emotions and feminine rhythm. Succumb to your intuition to bring out the magical flow inside you and honor the sacredness of the female body. Remember how goddesses are vessels of sensuality, love and pleasure. Let an orgasm, solo or with a partner, launch you into that optimal zone of harmony and peace.

There are many ways to reach sensual flow. Through a deeper embodiment practice, you can embrace your feminine intuition and tap into the total fluidity of your body. This will liberate the sensual energy that exists within you to feel the nuance of primal sensations. Not just today but everyday.

Image Credit: detail of photograph by Jon Levi





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