Little Spoon, Big Spoon

Issue #40

By Vivienne Arkell

“Wow, you’re such a mushball this week Vivi!” Anne razzed. “What’s up with you?”

“I dunno, maybe because fall and the holidays are so full of fond memories of cuddly sleep-overs and deep eye gazes.” I blurted back. I was wondering, even to myself, what prompted this mood. There I sat with my red wine, pondering why naked time almost always turns the most romantic when chilly temps, warm lights and natural cheer is in the air.

Anticipating Mark’s visit over Thanksgiving break was probably the real reason I was getting sentimental. His nickname might have been ‘Mr. No Endgame’ but that man was the best spooner ever to be found on the planet.

There have been other snugglers, extreme huggers and spooners, but Mark took on his role of big spoon very seriously. Early on in a relationship, I never expect or actually solicit spooning. I’ve actually been known to disallow it if my lover has been selfish or I am not sure I want things to go faster or further. Yet risking a crash and burn during our first encounter, Mark and I broke many of each other’s house rules.

Our first session of lovemaking was passionate and wild. After climax, both of us collapsed briefly into a pile of extreme satisfaction. Warm and sweaty, how would we offer ourselves now, beyond the hug or cuddle? Who would be the one to be held?

Mark quickly announced it was too soon to rest and another giant wave of pleasure flowed, rushing through my body. After going in this deep, I now had to find out. Resting near each other, I slowly inched my tush backwards into him, offering myself. This time exposing my vulnerability on a more emotional level. I gave him further permission to connect deeply. Would he accept the closeness? Let us actually bond? After a few sweet ear kisses, playful, elegant, super independent Mark transformed into a total lovebug, attaching himself to me, tightly from behind.

I was totally blissful in this squeeze – being Mark’s little spoon. I felt needed, protected, wanted. It was almost like him saying “I’ve got your back, babe.” Post-sex intimacy, this soon in a new relationship, was opening up our hearts and romance even faster.

Spooning expanded our time together, going beyond just sexual pleasure. The energy generated was now finding it’s home back inside of us, empowering us both. Choosing to relax and let go, but together.

The enjoyment of being super close, breathing in sync, yet with no further demands – just enlightening our souls and intertwining our intimate energies.

And how will I spend my holiday? Full of hope and thanks for how we love, communicate, and mesh as one –even while resting as big spoon and little spoon.


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