Keeping Cherish an Action Verb

Make it sensuous and heartfelt

Issue #42

By Vivienne Arkell

Cherish is a word that I use to de-scri-ibe, all the feelings that I have hiding here for you in-si-ide.

Any of you listening to 60’s music know this song and lyric, “Cherish” sung by the Association. After only a few listens, the ultra-romantic word cherish was indelibly imprinted into our minds. We swooned to the idea that a guy could be so devoted – treasuring us with such need, love and admiration in his heart. In the song, our man would do anything for us to become someone who would “cherish me as much as I cherish you.”

But you know what? All he did was wish and sing. He wasn’t willing to say “I need you.” He never tried to hold her or tell her he wanted her. 

Cherish is a word that can gladden or sadden. Most of us have cherished an unrequited love where we had wanted to protect and care for someone lovingly. We deeply loved but couldn’t find the nerve or way to express it. But were we being a bit like the singer, cherishing a dream and clinging to romantic fantasy? Or were we actually living the sensuous life.

When I cherish someone, yes I adore them and wanna hold and dote over them. I wish all of the best things in the world for them, and will do whatever I can to help make that happen. That’s how heartfelt cherish can be, it grabs you deeper than just being thankful. But I also want to experience them live and in the flesh. Where gratitude, a noun, can stay primarily mindful and shared with words and thanks, cherish is a verb and needs to also be expressed sensuously. I want to hear my cherished one, as well as smell and feel them, savor them and be physically intimate with them.

Appreciate and actively cultivate and embrace both cherished friends and lovers. Cherish the communication and connection. Cherish is a word that’s used to describe, but keep this verb a sensual action too. Throw on some romantic music and listen to your heart. Make your loved one actively feel cherished, for real… and watch their love and affection flow too, along with yours.


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