Keeping Love Electric

Connect with real heart vs. habits

Issue #46

By Vivienne Arkell

Practices and rituals give focus and attention to actions and feelings we want to savor. Making time for self-love and sensual intensions assures us that we are committed to unifying mind, body and soul.

The best rituals provide spiritual treasures, transcending warmth and safety. Uninspired rituals leave us empty of feeling – just going through the motions and habits that used to elicit better results. While we might adore having a S.O. in our lives, do we let routines and habits distract us? Do we switch into autopilot behavior, blocking our heart from feeling true passion?

It’s said that the beauty of love lies in the ritual, the actual practice of it. Yet do we get stuck in the safeness of rituals? More than thinking about your relationship, sensual experiences and process, let your heart do the talking via sensations from deep within. As sensualists, we know to love with body and mind, but can we also lead with our heart, when prepared?

Getting heart connected involves an embodied, sensing state of being that allows us to relate sensually to the world, as well as our partners and friends. At its strongest, you’ll experience exceptional sensitivity and flow from not only your five outward senses, but also from your inner senses. The state of full embodiment involves allowing primal sensations, gut reactions, and emotions to help guide us.

Ready to go beyond the process of awaken and excite to experience pure sensual indulgence of heart and soul? Rituals can create wellbeing, yet sometimes we need our actions to be more heartfelt versus habitual.  It’s time to unlearn some moves if they’re based on habit and default systems. Don’t let drive drown out your heart. Lead with your senses to stay spiritual, soulful, intuitive and free. Dive in with full heart and a wholly new vocabulary of being, giving. In making electric love, emotional needs surge over simple desire – urgent feelings of lust and passion transcend enduring values. Drawing the intentions from deep within allows for an energetic heart to keep love electric and sparkling.

Feed your appetite for love brazenly with unabashed freedom. Welcome your lover to place one hand on your heart and the other on your second womanly heart center, the womb. Let them take over your body, heart and soul together in harmony. Feel, through goddess intuition and embodiment, the importance of both heart and soul together in your life. No need to always think, use your heart. Want a theme song and a reason? Follow the singer Cheryl, knowing “Love made me do it.” Let this powerful pop song be your mantra in matters of love and the heart.

Your heart and relationships rely on electrical impulses to keep love energized and beating at a strong and steady pace. Even if you’re not currently in a romantic relationship, make every V-day an occasion to celebrate love, romance, and passion. Let others, and the habit of others in your circle, take up space in your heart.

The things we ritualize take on importance in our lives. Yet keep heartfelt love open and flowing. Use your real heart not a ritual heart for love. Let love become the ritual, leading you to the erotic reward of electric love.


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