Primal Magnetism

Issue #51

By Vivienne Arkell

Totally mesmerized, I froze in my tracks. I’d come to the party thinking that I, Vivi, was the seductress wielding my goddess forces. My body had been actively engaged feeling deep sensual flow, being my most embodied, even exuding magic juices. Yet under this spell, his magnetism rendered me powerless to logical decisions.

None of these men were as epic-ly irresistible as screen idol Jason Momoa with his throne status. Yet like a Marvel wizard or avenger, stripped of any infinity stone powers, I’d been reduced to Jell-O. No longer did my body give me secret influence, help me control my lovers mind, or manipulate matter. My own embodied energies had been hijacked. All previous forces, granting their possessor commanding skills and allure, had short circuited or been transferred to him.

Admittedly, this wasn’t the first time I had been so mesmerized, sequestered or kidnapped by the forces of primal magnetism. In my early years, Michael made me slip over to the wrong and dark side of the tracks. It’s often the polarities between good girls and bad boys that start the electricity flowing, but I still believe it was his magnetism alone that drew me in. Yet who knows. I went in unknowingly clueless – my mind emotionally naïve. Micheal was worshipped by a certain crowd and possessed great influence over each and every member. Electrical vibes of personal magnetism hummed around him as weakened minds were lured into actions and words that would’ve normally been impossible for any sensible human. He certainly didn’t look like a man who would be there to love and support me in the long run. Yet I was naked and available.

Years later, I had also been entranced and consequently seduced by Gary and his sexual magnetism. Shouldn’t I have finally understood the energetic causes of these mental lapses into the dangers of primal love? Though I probably knew the reasons, I was vulnerable to animal attraction, electrical flow and the power of pheromones. Besides that, Gary also had that ‘winning way’ about him and easily persuaded others to follow his way of thinking and wishes.

Matt of “Her body said yes” fame was the absolute and current king of primal power. So much he became lovingly labeled ‘Miracle-Matt.’ This truly magnetic man was able to sway virtually anyone. It wasn’t what he said, or even how. But there were crazy levels of personal magnetism emanating from his body. There was no resisting his pull. I gladly relinquished all power to submit.

So how was tonight’s masculine magnet holding his powers over me, strong Vivi?  His devilish spell had put my mind in a trance. Yet I reached deep into my body for fresh, fully embodied energy. Each of us harnesses personal magnetism, whether we know it or not. Could the stronger magnet affect an emotive receiver?

Oh the enchantment, drawing power, seductiveness and charismatic pull within energy fields: Action and reaction. Sometimes you are the magnet; other times you add feminine fuel. Savor this energy – succumb to the power of primal magnetism.


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