Sexual Wellness @ 50

A midlife checklist for staying your sensual best

Issue #50

By Vivienne Arkell

It’s our call to action ladies. Often called the change, menopause is a time to bring increased attention to your practice of sensuality. Almost ten years post onset, I can speak from experience. At midlife the body can slip. Yet with proper care and intentions we can actually become strong in new ways. Remember our sexual wellbeing involves body, mind and soul.

1. Take care of your vagina. On podcast #169 of her informative FOREPLAYrst show, sex therapist and author Dr. Laurie Watson goes into great detail about keeping the V-zone healthy. Watson reminds that a “reduction in female hormones means the body won’t be prompting for sex like it used to.” She urges women to consider the use of vaginal hormones to keep things supple and moist. Systemic hormones are another option but always consult with a gynecologist about the potential risks and benefits. Watson also adds that having regular penetration will help keep the vulva and vagina fit and functioning.

2. Keep your body fit and energetic. As you most likely know, the new hormonal shift often slows the metabolism, affecting sleep patterns and energy flow, easily adding unwanted pounds. has some great mini-courses for staying fit over 50.  They also offer facial yoga, body yoga, meditation, and programs in eastern thought and wisdom surrounding chi.

3. Embrace sexual intelligence. Readers of The Sensualogist are thoroughly informed when it comes to the mind’s involvement in sensual wellbeing. Enlightenment through erotic intelligence, intensions, and self-love all contribute to healthy desire, libido and pleasure. Certainly, mindset and positive inspiration are key elements in your practice of sensuality.

4. Develop the feelings of female embodiment. Jenna Ward, founder of the School of Embodied Arts, speaks to the importance of women listening with their bodies and “remembering the power of pleasure and the sacredness of our sensation.” Ward notes that “we live in a hyper-masculine world that believes our mental capacity is our most valuable gift… often we have been programmed to ignore emotions since they are a womanly ‘detriment’.” Instead of becoming stronger thinkers, Ward coaches women to listen to their inner self. Reaching into our energetic and emotional dimensions, embracing chi and embodied emotions is where real sensual wholeness lies.

Much of feminine wellness depends on our mental work being in balance with the nuances of our physical body, energetic body and emotional body. This intuition and confidence surrounding a women’s own experiences and emotions can lead the mature woman to higher levels of embodied wellbeing.

Most of us respect wellness when it comes to eating and exercise. Now is the time to honor your V, embrace sexual and erotic intelligence, and find excitement in embodied pleasure. Practice sexual wellness to feel new clarity and freedom gliding into a thriving and sensual next chapter.


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