Take the Sensual Plunge

Make time to feel life happening

Issue #54

By Vivienne Arkell

Transitioning into fall has always been a fun time for me. It’s thrilling to have new responsibilities, clothes, projects and gatherings. But this year, diving back into real life rituals hasn’t been so simple or easy.

Why would I want to transition from my wild, adventure-fueled summer back into planning, overthinking, overscheduling and serious intentions?

What’s happening is that this pressure, doubt and indecision throws tiny blocks into our body’s natural sensual flow. When seriously blocked, I procrastinate, over analyze, and ponder. For example, the title of this musing has changed four times in four days! I think I’m flowing today, so…  

In a fast paced world, where we’re pushed to succeed, masculine energy quickly takes control of our minds. This drive is great for careers, accomplishing projects and systemizing. Yet torn between work, mission, daily life and sexual expression, we know what often takes the back seat.

For our feminine energy, intuition and emotions to flow, we need to think less and feel more. Until the two energies are balanced, blocks can clog up our sensual flow and the chance to express ourselves: body, mind and heart. I love this quote by Eckhart Tolle:

All the things that truly matter – beauty, love, creative joy, inner peace – arise from beyond the mind.

This is why the female body, and our ability to feel desire and deep love, needs our total presence.

Our sensual self needs feminine time to create peace, pleasure, and savor our bodies – reconnecting us with sexual energy.

As a sensualist, your practice is a ritual that will transition. Snap out of that rabbit wheel or shrinking violet mode, whatever it is blocking your flow. Reboot your practice fully.

I’m feeling ready again to embrace and embody the sensual, honoring the rituals of my practice. Using the feminine mind, soak in some inspiration, reflect on yummy summer sensations and transition into the present. Breathe deep and full. Touch your skin and someone near you. Emote, romanticizing every moment. See and smell the beauty, compliment yourself, give gratitude, and savor naked time. Express that first intention, express yourself. Luxuriate in your emotions and feelings as they come in waves, activating your juices and sensual energy.

Transition into less mind games and more time spent sensing and feeling. Immerse yourself in the rituals of sensuality. Plunge into beauty and pleasure, feeling life as it happens.

Image: Photo by Jon Levi


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