Issue #54

By Vivienne Arkell

Vivi sent off her last article before summer break, closed her laptop, and sobbed crazy deep into the pillow. A gaggle of confusion and emotions overwhelmed her blocked heart. How had she let herself get here, so out of synch with her own body.

Winter’s eating and drinking benders certainly hadn’t helped matters. But why so complacent, cautious, and uninspired? How would she ever get back to sensual vibe and flow. Tears soaked the bed, moving through and draining her.

Actually, Vivi knew exactly how to break this bad energy slump. Adventure! After all, that was what her last article preached. Enough analyzing, pondering and contemplating, time for action!

“Lessons can only be learned by being earned,” Vivi reminded herself as she went on the prowl to find a date. Bingo. Saturday it was and Troy enthusiastically texted with her for the next week in dual anticipation.

Charming and cute enough, Vivi’s 34-year-old skier certainly fit the bill. Usually she’d entice with her intellect then trap with her body on a later date. But tonight Vivi went into full seduction mode, channeling every drop of playful, sensual energy to woo him.

After a few hours at the pub, Troy picked up a six pack and held Vivi close during the brief walk to her place.

 “Your body is amazing” Troy whispered as he pulled her close, looking into her eyes.

 Vivi knew she had to shake things up – to let her body have what it desired and needed so desperately. After all, wanting to get physical was a basic and natural urge.

Minutes into her apartment, Viv surrendered to him entirely.

“Exploring, reconnecting with my senses is so beautiful with you.” Vivi told him breathless, between kisses.

And with total abandon, the two made love for hours. Both of them, releasing with full, untamed erotic passion, shared in pleasure over and over. Vivi’s exuberance kept up with Troy’s wishes to fully satisfy her. Performance was the last thing to worry about, as the raw power that their bodies experienced together was euphoric.

Un-stuck, un-armed, and all shields down, Vivi freed herself to her wildness.

In her body, she felt flawless and present. Viv tried to explain: “How did his incredible attention to my pleasure distract me from overthinking about what we were doing or where we were going? Obstacles? Issues?”

“Love me again babe,” he said. Then she said, soaking each other in wild joyfulness.

With Vivi disarmed, they gave each other the confidence to break free and just be. Uninfluenced by judgement or worries, their story continued. Vivi didn’t need to chase and neither did Troy. They were enjoying a freedom that didn’t box each other in, yet was deeply loving, caring, and sensual.


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