Can Necking Make a Comeback?

Kissing, Kiss, platform shoes and hedonism

By Vivienne Arkell

Seeing the new rush of chunky, rockin’ platform sandals being worn this spring in NYC from Marc Jacobs and Tom Ford to Gucci and Prada, while talking about Kiss the band and kissing – made my brain do crazy flashbacks.

My mind was flooded with envious images of my older sister and her glam-rock boyfriend. Genny had all the fun decked out in outrageously tall platforms and sparkly tight sweaters for these awesomely long necking sessions! I spied on her and Dave going at it, fully clothed, for what seemed like hours. Every 20 minutes or so they would break, so Dave could smoke weird smelling cigarettes and sis could swig Isabel Rose out of its fat bottomed bottle. She would modestly adjust her top, pretending that Dave’s hands hadn’t been all up under there fondling her boobs, and then they would proceed to lock lips for yet another session. Crazy.

Soon after that I had a cool boyfriend. So sure, the 80’s and 90’s were fun. And clunky platforms never really went out of style for rebels and hedonists. But slowly that wonderful post-hippy, hedonist lovin’ – with its over-the-top kissing styles and over-the-top shoe styles – went the way of the dinosaur and was overtaken by minimalism.

Being an interior designer, I did welcome minimalism in the home. But with minimalism came tidy quickies and with smart phone apps came hookups. Why did heavy petting and hours of slow, sensual, often-done-buzzed make out sessions have to go by the wayside, just because the room was more open, fashions shifted and the music changed? Hedonism, devoted to the pursuit of heavenly physical sensations, had been amazing!

While there are still hedonists, the camps of minimalists, efficiency experts and instant gratification folks seem to be winning. Just like there are more sexualists vs sensualists. But stay tuned, The Sensualogist will have more on that in a few weeks to help us slow down, indulge, and savor our sensuality.

But this weekend, have some fun and go all Ziggy Stardust with me. Grab an outrageous jacket, top or pair of shoes – flashback and copy your sister, crazy aunt, your mom or your idol – and go for a hedonistic necking and petting session. No rushing. And remember to play the entire album before your clothes come off. No cheating!  ; )





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