Sugar, Sugar: Poetry Pearls

“Ah sugar, ah honey honey”

By Vivienne Arkell

Riding high on this week’s launch, the team has been giddy and it’s not just being high on candy. ; ) We are givin’ and gettin’ lots of sensual sugar and it’s contagious!

Last week’s nod to Kiss, Bowie and glam-rock touched on the 70’s returning to the fashion spotlight. Will extreme platform shoes et al also set off a trend towards 70’s semi-hippy, hedonistic kissing vs. the porn inspired no-kissing? Fingers crossed.

Staying gung-ho with ‘The Sensualogist movement’ (and music references), a mentor of mine texted reminding me of her favorite blast-from-the-past, bubblegum pop band The Archies. Their 60’s mega-hit “Sugar, Sugarwas playfully romantic with its throwback vibes of innocently lustful, touchy-feely sexuality.

These lyrics, from the original cultural and sexual revolution were spicy enough to persuade guys and gals to blossom and share kisses and their bodies with adoring lovers and friends.

It’s spring, and until this sweetness rush subsides a bit, show off that sugar, honey – and radiate!



Just like any practice, the art of sensuality strengthens with a mantra.

Make your own daily or weekly poetry and poetry pearls – your personal Namaste to start each day sensually.

P.S. Feel free to screengrab ‘poetry pearls’ to add to your own collection – like I do.


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