Attraction and Chemistry #9

A countdown of how, and maybe why

By Vivienne Arkell

How can I explain it? I’d been in a situation like this more than a few times before. Visuals, stats, chat and lead-up all in place. But it had been eons since anyone had made me feel quite like he did. I was over the top with nervous anticipation.

During our online banter, Steve had been flirtatious, but remained classy and polite. Something many men can’t seem to do online. I was pretty sure that underneath the veneer of cool he was just as hot and bothered as I was, especially from his shared photo comments. In the hiking pic with his lean, toned bod and long flowing hair, I was sure that he could handle any situation we got into. He was not a ‘Fabio’ by any means, as I hate over-muscular men; nor a rock star narcissist. He was 5’ 7 to my 5’ 9, but for sure he could start a fire. That earthy mix of abandonment and confidence in his eyes… I was smitten. But would he feel me in person?

There were enough photos of his honest eyes and smile that I felt safe. We agreed to watch the music awards on TV at his place over some snacks and wine. He was after all a rising architect, totally genius and hot. So I broke my rule of no first dates in apartments and off I went.

The huge door of the loft had barely opened when he murmured, “Damn, you are stunning. Even more gorgeous in person than in your photo.” A warm chill ran through my entire body.

My eyes feasted on him and the minimal furnishings of a man with immaculate taste in color and decor. An Eames chair, grey linen sheets, contextual industry clues peppered the high ceilinged studio, confirming that he made a good living. A bottle of Bordeaux was open and breathing near two crystal goblets.

Usually I waited for the man’s senses to fire and work around to seducing me. But this time, after the hello squeeze and 13 words, I was radiating. The scent of clean laundry on his perfect Calvin T and the smell of shampoo in his wavy, loose hair were heavenly.

“Let’s watch some of the show” he said, breaking away from our first hug with mutual, soft giggles.

“I could certainly use some of that wine” I added, flirting madly and trying uselessly to be subtle.

We snuggled in front of the TV and exchanged some knowing banter, confirming how we were as compatible mentally as we had imagined. We liked the same bands, designers, wines and restaurants.

As the kisses started down my neck and his hand slipped up my top, my heart began to race and a warm flush came to my face. His touch on my skin was still tentative and cautious, yet exploring and desirous.

Steve was waiting for my gaze to signal a confirmation. The set up, the anticipation, the passion – it seemed to happen so fast. Were we sure?

Sparkling like a mirror, my eyes met his. Certainly he could see his gorgeous reflection in them. We were no longer unsure. All that had passed.

Slowly, methodically Steve lifted his shirt up and over his head, draping it purposefully on the back of a chair. His desire for me filled us both. Our hands explored, our kisses got deeper and our clothes fell to the floor – setting the chemistry of attraction in motion.


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