Awakening Yourself to the Sensual Life

Feeling sensual, becoming sexual

By Vivienne Arkell

Rewarding your body and being good to it are high on everyone’s list these days. We spend copious amounts of time eating healthy, organic, often sensuously beautiful foods. We exercise and are obsessive about hydration with water and juice bottles near us at all times.

But do we listen to our body or enhance sexual well-being?

In our youth, it’s being popular and attractive that rules. Not so obvious at that point was how hormones were motivating us and guys just wanted to have their member in us, but I digress. Most girls would do virtually anything to be popular and guys were cool and fun to make out with. But were we really getting what we needed vs. ­­what nature egged us on to do?

From the waist down I was wired sexually, but my brain yearned for all things sensual: the scent of cut grass and rain, fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, fuzzy clothes, self-fondling and hugs, colorful makeup. But I didn’t know that sex could be viewed from different psychological approaches. Sex was happening, but it was all a blur.

Later in life, I got razzed for always being the first with a sexual innuendo and finding the luscious or lusty in life. Yet I was no longer a wild girl who acted like a testosterone-fueled guy. I saw things on a new, sensual pleasure-spectrum. My confidence had grown so I started to really appreciate and DESIRE the sensual side of sex – and men – in my life.

Just as Nerve’s Lisa Carver explains, “They [sensualists] notice details like texture and scent. They have plenty of time and they are ready to explore options.” I, personally, learned to take pride in my sexuality through sensuality.

My awareness of how awesome life can be when you love yourself, feel yourself and project warmth seemed to emanate from my body. From the spring in my step to innocent compliments and flirts with the butcher, hairdresser or masseuse, the circle of desire and desirous happiness was complete, plus it was contagious to those around me. On those days, radiating my gifts, everyone was left with a smile on their face as well, without me even touching them physically.

Interact with your surroundings – feel them, smell the roses and stay radiant and sensual.



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