Flirting with Intent

Staying on his or her mind – Vivi explores online as MYBE

By Vivienne Arkell

MYBE: what’s up?

2niteus2: well something was up earlier

MYBE: were u able to resist? ; )

2niteus2: with your photo? no way

MYBE: such a charmer you are!

2niteus2: care to make out tonight?

MYBE: could work

2niteus2: I mean go out

MYBE: u nut, what’s the incentive?

2niteus2: snacks and a drink @ Lily’s?

MYBE: hmmm

2niteus2: maybe some nibbles on your neck to sway the vote?

MYBE: I have a different part in mind if you really want to be persuasive.

2niteus2: and what might that be?

MYBE: u luv challenges… u will have to wait and see if u can find it yourself : p

2niteus2: bet’s on! see ya there at 8?

MYBE: deal …ciao bello

2niteus2: later babe


2niteus2: hey vivi-liscious

MYBE: hey handsome

2niteus2: u still across the pond?

MYBE: just got back on Thursday… sooo happy to be home

MYBE: you been flying to any fun music?

2niteus2: um, 2 day fest in palm springs 2 weeks ago

MYBE: did u get good weather?

2niteus2: yepper

MYBE: You will have to tell me all about it when I see you… wanna join me for a party at an art opening tomorrow?

2niteus2: I’d love to! But I’d want to go home with u and screw… and that’s not an option for me right now.

MYBE : P, wait,.. huh?

2niteus2: I’m 10 days into 40days/nights. 25% of my goal – nothing – even self-love

MYBE: call me on day 41 *)

2niteus2: hehehe

MYBE: why? had too much lately?

2niteus2: …just want to see if I can – I just hope everything still works next month ; p

MYBE: join me and go out! I will be good, promise… not even kissing

2niteus2: I won’t resist, it’s futile

MYBE: it would be a good test to see if I can resist too! I would be so wet with you next to me and not being able to do it.

2niteus2: but u could do a personal b-room break for a quickie

MYBE: lol… u are supposed to be a good influence! If you are this bad after 10 days, I definitely want to be near when ‘times-up’

2niteus2: * packs camcorder

MYBE: so mr video, thanks for the friendly ‘call’… good luck with your mission!

2niteus2: *kisses * have fun @your thing 2morrow

MYBE: smoochies, I’ll try : )


… may cat n’ mouse, tease n’ please and push n’ pull continue forever !






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