The Awakening Chapter 2

Things heat up between Vivi and Gary

By Vivienne Arkell

Gary was late to arrive, as usual. Those fifteen minutes at the bar had Vivi in knots and almost done with her second glass of wine. Instead of calming her nervous fire, the drink was making her absurdly hot and bothered.

“Hey beautiful,” Gary purred into her ear as he snuck up behind her. “Can you order me an iced tea with lime?” Vivi almost leapt off the stool but tried to remain composed. “OK,” she blurted and proceeded to do as he asked. Gary might have been a tad nervous too but he didn’t show it. And this gigolo vibe was throwing Vivi off her usually calm, flirty game.

The food arrived superfast and Gary ate slower than molasses, savoring each bite. Actually, watching him was much more satisfying than her meal. Vivi really had no interest in food this evening, which was super evident to Gary as he helped clean her plate.

It seemed like an eternity for the check to arrive. But when it did, Gary’s gorgeous hands slid it gracefully to Vivi’s half of the table.

Confusion ran through Vivi’s mind. She had just signed off on his 30k completion check for her client’s remodeling job, yet she was supposed to pay the bill? Wasn’t this a date? But the surge of energy was all between her legs and down in her little head, so she acquiesced, proceeded to pay the check, and let Gary escort her out of the restaurant.

“So where should we go, gorgeous” he piped. “Taxi to my place?” He winked. “OK” was all Vivi could muster. His charm and grin and scent had taken complete hold over her senses and vocal chords.

“102nd and Fifth, “he said to the driver. Then planted his lips slowly and squarely on Vivi’s. She was captive now. Her Chelsea apartment would have been much easier, but now she was being whisked off to never-never land. She had never been to Spanish Harlem and she hadn’t kissed a man, besides her husband, for over twenty years.

His full Latin lips teased Vivi’s in the most luscious and erotic way. Taking her lower lip between his lips and playing with it sent chills up her spine. His obvious knowledge of the female response prompted him to gently stroke Vivi’s lower back while it was tingling and arched. Countering each action and reaction, and toying with her body, he slid his hands up the front of her body to caress her breasts. Vivi froze momentarily, realizing her shirt was almost at her neck, demi-bra and cleavage in full view for the taxi driver, but WTF. He probably had seen this a million times before – who cared. Nothing really mattered except for her pleasure and the connection she felt. She deserved this and had decided she was going to go to wherever Gary took her.

The apartment was as perfect and real as he was. The precision of the minimal furnishings and the exposed brick walls made the living room and its floor extremely inviting. As if Vivi really cared at that moment.

The flow of their bodies and the inherent knowledge of their mutual desire was over the top. Vivi had never, in her whole life, experienced such an intense sexual encounter. Every moment, every sensation, was natural, mirrored and intuitive.

In barely two hours they had covered more zones of her body and positions than Vivi thought were physically possible. And the few spoken words were as magic as the motions. “What was I even doing or thinking before you? How did I not know about this world of pleasure and warmth,” she whispered. Vivi had never experienced such highs. And Gary seemed just as enthralled and enchanted.

A little after midnight, Gary walked Vivi downstairs to get a taxi. She was nervous to travel in her zoned state of mind, but energy was still surging through her body. Gary was on another planet himself, so Vivi didn’t want to be needy. No one wanted to break the spell, but they were both in relationships. So there was really no choice. She had to get back home.

Gary grabbed Vivi on the darkish street and held her tightly in a body lock that was almost embarrassing in front of the driver. For a seemingly endless minute, she followed him into a physical grip that melded their bodies into one.

As the cab sped off that early morning, Vivi replayed their whole naked encounter over and over in her head. Every luscious detail etched in her memory banks for eternity. Her sexual awakening had truly begun.


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