Vivi’s Top 10 Reasons to Have Sex

Why indulge?

By Vivienne Arkell

Lists of why we should have more sex are numerous. Almost as numerous as the ideas of shame and embarrassment over humans being vital, sexual creatures. But sex truly enhances our life, our vibrancy and our health. Here’s why The Sensualogist says “Get Naked!”

10. Boosts your physical health. There are millions of reports on this, but basically a good sexual romp burns tons of calories, boosts immunity and gets your blood flowing. It also improves circulation and flexibility, while releasing pleasure endorphins and engaging some brain cells.

9. Reduces stress, tension and can resolve conflicts. They say you aren’t suppose to have sex when you are upset, but for me there’s nothing better than some wrestling and a laughing takedown move to stop a dispute or shake off some stress. And for singles? When you are sad or mad, nothing (other than ice cream) is better than rubbing one out and falling asleep in peace. Tension gone. Amen!

8. Makes you look good. I’m sure you’ve noticed a woman or couple on the street who looks amazingly radiant and glowing. What’s up? Did they just get laid? BINGO. The testosterone and estrogen hormone boosts make you feel energized and look younger. And that swagger? The fluid stride: sensual, relaxed yet energized, smiling, and free. I want it.

7. It’s fun, entertaining. Don’t you love the chase? Deciding how the puzzle works or your next move? Researchers say that sex stimulates many parts of the brain: pleasure cycles, reward, motivation, consummation. Pure entertainment? Let’s just say sex isn’t all physical. Lots of it is in your mind – it can totally be mental entertainment as well as physical.

6. Keeps you creative. Let’s face it, when you are naked with the same person year after year, finding new ways is a challenge. Rise to the occasion! Retaining novelty itself is a great mind exercise. Creation and transformation. Try new things or new people and experience that sense of freedom and adventure that comes when you are out of your routine. Also, sexual activity heightens your senses and the acuteness of taste and smell, enticing you towards a second round or another delicacy.

5. For physical pleasure: it feels good. Getting naked and playing with bodies is totally fun. To have your hair stroked? To have someone’s lips and tongue on your nipples? Just kissing, petting, rubbing, licking. Oh the pleasures of a long and passionate seduction. All this before the penis or vagina get totally involved. Need I say more?

4. To share yourself with vulnerability. This took some years of growth for me, but when you accept sex as being inherently pure and sharing, it’s amazing. There’s a pure bond when you are truly able to openly share your body, with another person, without guilt. Giving and receiving at its best.

3. To bring extreme pleasure to another person. I can’t say I always have sex for love. Yet you basically get a high five, intense gaze or ear-to-ear grin for making someone feel mega special. That look of attraction and appreciation is worth a million bucks. Psychologically, I feel loved, appreciated and giving. Plus, the oxytocin boosts feeling of intimacy and generosity.

2. To feel desired. The reciprocity loop here with number three is difficult to differentiate. I love the seduction. My yin to his yang. I don’t just want to be loved, I want to be wanted, carnally. I want to be tested, indulged, and needed for that person’s utter physical satisfaction, as well as my own. Optimally, we should share our lust and desire for the adoration loop to be complete. Serotonin and endorphins increase self-esteem for all. Most sexy situations start with self-esteem, before raising the bar and the reciprocity loop.

1. To feel connected to the world. Nothing, other than perhaps the perfect sunset, can make you feel more spiritually connected with nature and the universe. We are here to spread love and make the world a better place, and sex is one of the easiest ways to make that happen.


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