How ‘Everything’ Relates to Sex

Perspective and interactive experiences

Issue #16

By Vivienne Arkell

“Because the definition of a person is where you look from… At the start, there is an extremely important principle: which is the different levels of magnification,” notes Alan Watts in an Oscar-worthy trailer for Everything – The Game by David OReilly.  

“What is Everything? Everything is an open-ended interactive experience and reality simulation game. There is no right or wrong way to play, and each person’s game will be different. Playing Everything involves traveling through the Universe and seeing it from different points of view,” informs the press release. Paraphrasing the words of Watts regarding perspective: whether you are a giant looking through a microscope or a hydra looking through a telescope, or even a human using the naked eye, they are all correct ways of looking, just different points of view. He reminds us that natural conflict at a blood-cell level looks like harmony from the viewpoint of the organism as a whole.

Watts’s narrations and insights, selected and adopted from recordings made in the 60’s and 70’s, inspire and challenge the players’ perception in regards to the infinite number of interactions possible throughout the game. While the philosophical genius of Watts’s existentialism is put to great use in this gaming experience, The Sensualogist proposes to use these narratives and the creative canvas outlined by Everything to alter our perceptions and guide us in new and exciting sensual and sexual explorations.

Watts’s hypnotic voice asserts, “Every event is essential to the whole thing. We screen that idea out of our consciousness, just as we pay attention to the figure and ignore the background, so we see one way of looking at things.”

When making love with yourself or another, do you experience it from near or afar? Do you focus on one tiny part of your body, sensations from your whole body or sensations from the whole room and background? At what level of magnification is your awareness, do you mentally record only physical details or also feelings from the encounter? The mind’s choices and perceptions during sex make the experience more peaceful, beautiful, and rewarding. Set the stage for yourself, become aware of the tremendous interconnectedness of everything. Could you transform and freshen the experience just by changing your perspective?

The game’s instructions also point out how “Each part of the world allows complete freedom to create your own images, world, scenes and experiences. Continued exploration will lead you to unseen environments, containing new sights, sounds, things, thoughts and abilities.” Take yourself beyond the physical realities. Create a dialog, beautiful environments, fantasies and new realities with your partner. Push things as far as you both desire.

Using the theories emphasized in existentialism, and echoed in the views of Everything, humans define their own meaning in life. People are free and responsible for what they make of themselves, so sensual and sexual freedom expands beyond just bodies in the bedroom. It is much like Everything in that the more things you find, the more things you want to find to experience and explore.

To paraphrase one of Watts’s well known quotes, “When you get past the feeling of just getting on [with your life and sex basics], you understand it’s more about dance.” Watts himself continues, “You get a certain vision where everything is seen to be a complex pattern of rhythm, dance – the human dance, the flower dance, the bee dance…”

OReilly, the creator, affirms that “Everything requires no player input – it will play automatically if left unattended.” But is that how you want your life to be lived? Don’t let life play out on automatic. Explore. Everything does relate to sex and sex relates to everything.


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