Musings, Teasers, Encounters and Confessions

A day in the diary of a sensualist

Issue #16

By Vivienne Arkell

It’s a chilly fall evening, and you’re in the life and mind of a writer. You’ve stared out the window for most of the last two hours, jotting minimal notes to yourself and watching darkness arrive. You only feel like dreaming. The laptop is open and deadlines are looming for your column on savoring sensuality, yet all you can do is re-live last Thursday when Mr. Authentic came back into your life again. Your mind often goes back to sensual moments and replays every amazing detail. Mmm.

That’s what you’re good at anyway. Analyzing what went wonderfully right, and what didn’t, before sharing your insights and tips on recreating the mood. You usually tell all in hopes that others find inspiration in your experiences and knowledge. Faith that you can reach more women, to awaken sensual awareness and even greater sexual pleasure, keeps you diligent and exploring.

Luckily this issue’s Teaser has already been approved and is ready to excite new readers to all things sensual. You enjoyed critiquing a new interactive reality game as much as you love reviews and commentaries of favorite books. And of course relating everything to sex is your specialty! : )

You gaze at all the journals lined up on your bedroom shelves, praying for inspiration. Maybe some confessions from these diaries will provide a sexy spark? Maybe you’re already in the zone because Mark, star of Living and Loving with No Endgame, has left you vulnerable and curious? You want to delve deeper but you aren’t sure you completely understand it all yourself. You email the Encounter submission off to your editor, hoping to get Mark out of your mind. Company will be here in a few hours and the Musing article is due.

Should you go back to the beginning with Gary and your personal awakening to explain where the courage came from? Perhaps awaken them to taking the plunge with a younger lover, sharing the pitfalls and crazy new pleasures. What do you say to yourself and your tribe to assist all in staying open, sensual and free?

How can followers get into your sensual mindset. Musings need engage the sexy part of the mind and challenge fans to break out mentally, as well as physically.

Learning is what always gets your juices flowing. When you are learning and sharing thoughts with a friend, you can enter whole new chapters – beautiful, complex adventures full of sensual feelings and warmth.

You want future goddesses to blossom through sensuality. You listen, you converse, you bond. You want to reach those who are stuck and crave to know what you have to mindfully meld the mind and body, savoring your sex.

You hope your fellow sensualists are discovering what you feel. Next week you will ask them. Company has arrived to continue the exploration of everything.


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