From a man who truly adored women

Issue #22

By Vivienne Arkell

I was nervous beyond control. This man was exceptionally sensual, and it was the first time I realized how being soft and strong could work together. Drew exuded warmth like someone who was meant to be naked next to you, with lips locked to each other’s body – exploring purely, fluidly.

Huddled over a tiny table covered with empty PBR bottles, our conversation flowed like water. I know, it sounds so cliché but there was no better description. Exchanges about growing up in the Midwest, art projects, strange encounters, and conspiracy theories prevailed. Hours passed like we had known each other for years.

Before we knew, it was last call and we were out on the street. “What should we do now?” I said, shivering and trying not to sound like I was suggesting anything.

“Hmm, wanna smoke a joint?” Drew said, already taking a drag of something that smelled questionable.

“Sure, but should we go somewhere?” I replied, praying he didn’t mean right here on the street.

“My place is sorta small,” he replied yet leaving the offer open.

“That’s cool,” I said. “But if I come over now, I don’t want to walk home at 6 am. We could go to my place.”

“OK. And if I come to your place, I don’t have to leave before I want to either, right? He said, feigning innocence yet with a glint of slyness in his eyes. He knew the answer immediately from the absurd grin I had plastered all over my face, and we proceeded.

After that smooth negotiation, we were able to relax and continued our evening smoking, hugging, and fueling our adoration with more beer, verbal foreplay and flirting. Neither one of us wanted the night to end but we could barely stay awake so we agreed to get some shuteye.

The next morning, I woke to Drew’s beautifully peaceful face, resting on the pillow across from me. His wavy hair was now loose and much longer than I remembered. His neatly trimmed beard and mustache framed his full lips. I wanted him so much. Could he sense this and would he accept? Drew looked at my mouth and then slowly back into my eyes. His intent was pure yet lustful. I felt his desire as if was the only woman on the earth to him. I remember the entire morning as the whole scene was embedded in my mind forever.

A face, traveling just inches towards mine, had never taken so long or moved so slowly. His moist lips arrived with a surprisingly soft landing for having such powerful purpose propelling them. His hands held my face and moved it slowly to mirror his movements and kisses that went on for infinity.

Aroused by his sensual energy and flow, my mind started to create its own erotic story as his mouth reached a nipple. My lower parts tingled with every new kiss he placed on my areola. He teased and fondled my nipples skillfully, as if all our pink zones combined were somehow hardwired and sharing the same sensations.

Drew moved with such inner conviction, expressing himself and his adoration without hesitation. With his next kiss I would surrender my most vulnerable place. His lips communicated incredible passion, making them more than welcome to play with mine. How could so much desire and intent be expressed in such a simple gesture? I opened my eyes for a moment to feast on Drew’s process and aura and was surprised to see him firm. I had never seen a man remain fully aroused while giving head. I felt so intimately connected yet so absorbed in my own pleasure. Both sensations at the same time were wickedly exciting.

My lips and mind will never forget that kiss, or should I say kisses. Drew’s intensity was unforgettable then and every time to follow – sharing ourselves and sensual desires so eagerly with each other.


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