Her Body Said Yes

Issue #25

By Vivienne Arkell

It was springtime and Vivi had started shopping again in pursuit of a summer-perhaps-longer romance. Online dating was easy and the drinks were free, so she agreed to Thursday evening with Matt, a published writer and philosopher with an obvious New Yorker edge.

As she entered the bar, she felt Matt’s dark eyes piercing through her, head to toe, not missing an inch or a detail. After the analysis, he nodded approvingly in an oddly self-indulgent way. Vivi could see him tallying the points, taking count of her pluses and minuses, and landing on a mental score. Everything passed muster except, “Why such a horrible choice of polish with such pretty feet?” He queried.

“Nice to meet you too Matt,“ Vivi replied rolling her eyes, grinning, and shaking her head in an attempt to even the playing field again to such utter nonsense and belittlement. She knew she was at least this man’s equal and this ploy certainly wouldn’t ruffle her poise.

Without another word or a smile, Matt chivalrously ushered her to one of the booths in the corner. “Can I get you the margarita or the pina colada,” he offered pointing at the happy hour list on the table.

“I watch my sugars to keep this girlish figure,” Vivi responded adding a tiny giggle. “Can I get a vodka soda with lime?”

“It’s happy hour. Let me get you the margarita.” Matt answered. “Two please,” he signaled, while motioning to the waitress.

“Sheesh, a cheapskate too?” Vivi whispered to herself. Luckily the drinks came quickly and Vivi threw hers down.

“What did you do today, Viv?” Matt inquired, glaring and tsking at Vivi’s guzzling powers, yet signaling for a second margarita.

“I’ve been into kick boxing lately and I’m perfecting my moves.” Vivi enthused.

“Show me.” said Matt.

Viv rose slowly, faced towards him so as not to be too provocative, and did her awesome new side kick for Matt. Needless to say, it wasn’t good enough.

“That’s not the correct way. Your hips aren’t angled properly and the extension of your leg is all wrong. Your instructor really isn’t being professional,” he dismissed.

Matt then began to expound, quoting Freud on how sexuality and personality unfold in tandem.

“So I would be curious and playful and you would be domineering and infallible?” She snapped back. Could she say anything without this man correcting her? Matt just smiled at Vivi, and brushed a misplaced hair off to the side of her cheek.

Thankful she got two drinks in, Matt announced it was time to walk Vivi home.

“OK,” she said.

Why was this man even walking her home? How dull was this guy gonna be to kiss? Vivi thought to herself. She had no desire to even try. Her mind had totally negated this know-it-all and his annoying behavior.

On the walk home, Matt started complimenting Vivi on her eyes and choice of shoes. Had Vivi’s indifference stirred some competitive juices in Matt?

“Want to smoke a joint?” He asked as they arrived at the door.

“Sure,” she replied and let him in the house. What was there to lose. It was barely 7 pm and the two lame cocktails had barely given Vivi a buzz.

The seduction that followed was not casual. It was nothing short of an active heist.

Before she knew it, Vivi found herself accepting Matt’s inquiring hand on her breast. She moved from dislike through friendship to true desire in a matter of minutes, as he enchantingly nuzzled her neck. Gracefully, he slid his hands down the low décolleté top and caressed her breasts. His lips and tongue savored her nipples.

Adrenaline rolled in and rushed through her. Vivi’s body ignored her mind and allowed Matt to take over all processes. All she felt was an intense desire to fulfill his wishes and their joint carnal desires.

Vivi became infatuated with his skin, his touch, and his body. She surrendered to his passion for her and control of her body. As if captured under his magic spell, she succumbed to pleasure.

Her body said yes, high-jacked right before her own eyes… and she was thrilled.

A text came in a few hours later. “Thank you Vivi for a lovely time. Hope to see you again soon.” Oh the confidence of that seduction. With Matt, Vivi began to believe in miracles, and surrender.

Image: Detail of photo by Harry Spitz




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