The Cougar

Issue #27

By Vivienne Arkell

Kat hated the term cougar. Yet with her last three boyfriends all being men in their 30’s, she needed to accept the label and the inevitable. Of course she could have a relationship with a man of any age, but why date guys her own age when life was soo much more fun with younger men?

In her 50’s, gorgeous and independent, Kat was a magnet for thirty somethings. She loved the enthusiasm her suitors shared for new places and adventures, while they loved how she seemed to have her life together and wouldn’t take any shit. Kat always got pressure from relatives and eye rolls from contemporaries, but nothing could distract her. She waxed unapologetically about how she would never again date a man her own age.

“Oh Vivi,” Kat cooed. “He made me totally forget my problems. It was like being beamed back to my youth. And what older guy ever uses smiley faces in a text? It’s like we’re teenagers again.”

Kat went on to give some juicy details about the weekend road trip. I could always count on her to steam things up during cocktail hour to keep me in the know on new bedroom techniques she and her man were exploring. Besides details, Kat shared her feelings too.

“Viv, he is so hot and the experience is so beautiful that I don’t care if I climax. The way he worships me, it throws my body into ocean size waves of pleasure,” Kat swooned. “He totally knew what I wanted him to do with my body.” She continued to confess.

Being older and wiser, Kat really did know what she wanted. Luckily she was open-minded and as free spirited as the men she dated, understanding some would remain casual affairs while others would fall in love. This time love was blossoming for real, but often Kat’s flings seemed as much about desire as sex. The desire to feel desired, to compel attention and be lusted for carnally. Her erotic encounters fueled her soul leaving Kat renewed and recharged. A jolt of new energy and enchantment filled her veins.

One thing was true for sure – Kat’s men always had attitude and infectious energy. She always insisted on smart, positive, playful men who helped her dream and fly. Kat loved to live vibrantly and in the moment. She’s appreciated, sexy and alive. And I second that notion, and emotion. 

“Vivi, what’s up this weekend?” The text from Kat grinned, including 10 emojiis. “Can’t wait to hear more stories from my mentor and best gf,” she added with another ; )


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