Renew Energy and Intension

Nourish the growth of your sensual side

Issue #17

By Vivienne Arkell

Winter often has its way with us. Times of virtual hibernation and near flat lining affect most of nature, prompting us to reach out and search needed nourishment, rays of sunshine, and sensual readings.

In a passage from the wonderful book Mirror of Intimacy, authors Alexandra Katehakis and Tom Bliss acknowledge the gloom before the renewal phase. “We’ve all fallen down the rabbit hole of stubbornly foul moods that make the whole outside world seem similarly savage, disconnected, and disharmonious. Whenever you’re stuck in an internal split, you can bet that’s how you are going to perceive the world.”

Blossom’ can be the break-out mantra to awaken and celebrate sensual energy, working with nature to pull us out of this dormant period. Be conscious of this sleepy state of low desire. Acknowledge the need to peek out of the ground, breathe and blossom. And start your practice of embracing all of nature, all things sensual: touch, sight, smell, taste, and sound.

    • Renew your faith in yourself: your body, your word, your universe.
    • “Renew the energy and intension of your engagement in your relationship, your job or any other relationship you’re in that has become rote. Find new ways to breathe new life into your surroundings so that you can begin anew with each passing day,” write Katehakis and Bliss.
    • Imagine yourself as a bulb in the springtime. Nourished and ready to emerge, renewed. Katehakis and Bliss propose this challenge:

Imagine everything you do and see as if it was for the first time. These are the first words you have ever read. Now’s your chance to make a first impression. What path of your unlived life is opening for you here?

Feed your mind with sensual thoughts and intensions. Be good to yourself and allow sensuality, warmth, sharing and truth blossom in your being. Sensuality is feeling the body deeply, being present with your senses. Enjoy improved libido, renewed and radiant glowing skin, a naturally awakening body.

Flash back to the analogy of moving through nature’s annual plant process of physical growth and the bloom.

Recall the magical way our bodies support us to produce, love, and grow – then rest, recharge and renew – tingling upon awakening and ready for a new season of growth and expansion.

Sensuality is an important part of us, even if it has felt dormant for a while. Give your mind and body permission to feel pleasure and reawaken. Renew the energy within to blossom and bloom, sensually.

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