Can you Express Yourself Freely?

Liberate yourself

Issue #30

By Vivienne Arkell

Oh the 60’s vibe, the Summer of Love era when sex seemed so natural and fun. Thanks to the excesses of this free-love movement, the freedom to choose our own sexual path is now a given. That brief revolution paved the way to a much more open-minded approach towards sexuality and intimate encounters. Women today have more personal and professional freedom than their grandmothers could have ever imagined. Yet has it resulted in women having better sex or more satisfying relationships? Are we truly taking advantage of these newly gained liberties and expressing our sexuality freely?

Are you owning your pleasure?
Publications openly discussing female pleasure and climax have been groundbreaking in liberating women and their bodies. Studies into human sexual response, published by Masters and Johnson in the late 60’s and furthered by Whipple and Brash-McGreer in 1997, point out how orgasms were also a female right, not just a privilege. Enlightened women got the message and are taking responsibility for their own pleasure, not leaving it exclusively up to their partner to discover. Practicing self-love and being intimately in touch with your body is pure independence.

Do you let guilt-free loving thrive?
As womanist and author Patricia Hill Collins sees it, female sexuality is still segmented into binaries that divide “approved sexual expression” from “forbidden sexualities.” In a caring relationship, in the privacy of your home, should there still be guilt or discussions about approved ways to express love and share pleasure? Rules about good girl/bad girl behaviors lock women up in the past. Push aside sexual ideologies obliged on women by culture. Don’t let shame or oppression keep you from being open and fluid. Embrace freedom and explore your lover intimately.

Can free-love also be judgement free?
Writer Bee Pollard expresses her frustration by saying “There’s this unofficial green light for my male counterparts to engage in as much sex as they can handle to figure out just exactly what they want out of life… How will you know what you love, what your body yearns for, without a bit of practice? Why shame the body for wanting what it wants? That’s no way to live.” Quick Judgments often prevent the mind from exploring new pleasures. Stick to your principles, but let’s have some empathy and stand up for ourselves along with fellow goddesses. Allow men and women to share equal standards. Whether it’s casual sex or serious sex, let it only be judged by the beholders. Try new pleasures before judging if they are for you or not.

Embrace sensual enlightenment and keep personal freedom alive as well as judgement free. Empowered women everywhere are speaking up. Women power rocks – enjoy yourself and your body. Liberate yourself and all women from stigma and guilt. Express yourself!

Image credit: Photo by Ely Bistrong


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