Vivi’s 5 Takeaways on Sexual Freedom

What does it mean to you?

Issue #30

By Vivienne Arkell

Sexual freedom is lots easier to talk about than define. Favorite authors of Mirror of Intimacy, Alexandra Katehakis and Tom Bliss, delve deeper: “When we think about freedom, we usually define it as the absence of restriction – beyond the reach of oppression, judgement, inhibition or pain… In fact, the freedom to do and to feel – to love, to experience, to fulfill our potential– is true freedom.” For The Sensualogist, freedom means being able to:  

1. Own it. Express your sensuality and sexuality freely with both words and actions. There’s no shame in loving sex and wanting lots of it or even less than lots. Why do many older women rock between the sheets? They aren’t shy anymore about indulging in passion. What do you have to lose? Self-love is great, so is giving and receiving of pleasure. Go for what you want. I bet you will get it.

2. Choose sex. Explore new avenues and partners. Do you prefer younger lovers, same sex lovers – monogamy or marriage? Test new waters before, after or during marriage. We are all free to experiment, deciding who and what we really want. Keep an open mind and embrace combinations that bring you the most pleasure.

3. Change sex up. Learn and share new sensations. Are you and your lover happy with how you are doing it? Freedom of any type involves joys, pitfalls as well as growth. Excite the mind as well and grow your sexual intelligence. Loving deeply without fear of rejection is incredibly empowering. Tap into the creative power of sexual energy.

4. Expand with sex. Let your erotic mind take you to new levels, stimulating mind and body together. Feel free to be naughty. Embrace wild thoughts or actions. Escape your habitual self to become your best self. Indulge in your inner-most emotions and fantasies.

5. Not suppress sex. Being free from the grasp of others’ judgment and opinions is the greatest of all sexual freedoms. Sensual and sexual bliss is often complicated by the oppression and weight of societal mores, norms and inherited traditions. Break away from guilt and celebrate your own unique sexual outlook and liberties.

Connecting freely and openly fuels the passion to savor sensuality and sexual expression. We are all free to create our individual definition of sexual freedom, choosing what we personally desire. Embrace your freedom to be sensual and real. Happy sexual independence day!

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