Let the Games Begin

Frisky playtime apps for couples

Issue #31

By Vivienne Arkell

The topic of playfulness always surfaces in the summer. Scantily clad bodies and long, leisurely evenings in vacation mode make for revved up libidos – inspiring us to go beyond cool weather cuddling and intense eye melds. We see the kids out of school living it up. Why should they have all the fun? Grab an app for your phone or tablet, send the young ones to camp, the neighbor’s house or grandma’s, and shake up your playtime!

Can’t decide what you’re in the mood for? Let Fruit Salad Tonight be your go-to as Mr. Banana and Ms. Papaya guide you through a sensual romp. Just naughty enough, our hosts invite you into some seriously sexy adventures. ‘Pulling’ the handle of the slot machine seals your fate. Get ready for booty camp where your partner is the drill sergeant, a photo shoot with submissive posing or sampling your bartender’s special cocktail off of the magic stick. Multitudes of delicious scenarios spice up naked time together.

Maybe full-on role play is too much? In a rut or mainly want some TLC and foreplay? Reach outside your routine with classy Sex Dice. With a roll of the dice, you will be given an action, body part, and speed or location: tongue on the neck slowly, kiss on the belly under the sheets, massage the breasts softly. Moving up to premium for a few bucks adds a timer and some special feedback features. An awesome plus of this app is that you can set it up for same sex fun, multiple partners, each in turn or random shuffle. Whee.

Dirty Game is a great truth or dare app. It’s super easy to play, with a free ‘classic’ category full of amazingly frisky, hot, and revealing taunts and thrills. The app unfortunately pesters you with advertisements, but perhaps once you pay for flirt, romantic, foreplay or sex categories the ads will stop. If not, the industrious could always use this inspiration to make your own set of cards.

Sex game: Adult action for sex is another super fun and discrete freebee. A Wheel of Fortune type spin assigns you one of over a thousand tasks, testing your boundaries. Will you land on a command as simple as unwrapping candies with your mouth or slow dancing? Or will you be assigned to touch yourself in front of your partner and carry out provocative discussions about anal sex, porn, or your favorite love-making session. The wheel is pure fun, but beware: the stories section of this app is seriously raunchy and translated poorly with improper grammar. But maybe you like mega-raunchy stories for free?

One of the bonus features of all this playfulness? While made for fun, many of these games are secretly constructed to expand your sexual repertoire and technique. Launch a new chapter of your love life and relationship, chocked full of smiles and spontaneity. Enjoy summer playtime with new challenges, dares, and sexual adventures.

Image credit: Fruit Salad Tonight


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