Mirror Mirror

The Awakening Chapter 4

Issue #37

By Vivienne Arkell

The drinks between Kat and Vivi were really flowing as the gals gossiped about life and love. “You need to be clear with the universe about what you want Vivi, try to be super specific!” Said Kat, in a dead-serious tone.

“I think I have been pretty clear with the universe that am dying to sleep with that man,” blurted Vivi, giggling hysterically.

She had in fact imagined herself naked with Gary, the contractor on site, for a few months now. But truly visualizing the whole scenario, from seduction all the way through to climax and snuggling, was something Vivi avoided. She wasn’t yet divorced from Bill, so red flags still went up in her head. Plus successful fantasies were not Vivi’s strong suit. Generally speaking, Vivi’s naive imagination only took her to saying ‘yes’ to a necking session or breast-fondling scenarios.

She hadn’t kissed a man other than her husband for over twenty years and was feeling somewhat numb. Yet now Vivi was ready to be specific and clear about wanting more. She wished she could be with Gary every moment of the day. She envisioned her newly awakened body responding sensually to his every desire.

In every exchange with Gary, she saw his happiness mirroring hers and amplifying it. Just being into him with flirting was easy, as Gary was so into her. This basic attraction and desire from another man made her feel special again in the mirror.

Finally, during their first sexual encounter pinned against the wall, Gary expounded on how he wanted to explore all of her – every emotion, every pleasure zone. On the floor of his apartment, making passionate love, Vivi honestly couldn’t recall every detail. She remembered words and phrases and compliments, but her eager body had gone into auto-pilot and freed her of all self-consciousness.

Vivi’s diary notes confessed how “being into Gary made me forget about my own body, my hang-ups, my insecurities. I was amazed by my movements, feelings, and happiness. Infatuation, desire, love… they are mirrored if the gaze is reciprocated. All the pieces fit into place. The wheels start turning and the temperature rises.”

Even when she was alone, Vivi beamed with beauty and connection. She could now see and feel incredible sensual energy flowing through her body. She wrote often. “Finding out about him, and how he liked to be pleasured, made it easy to find new things out about myself. Where I liked to be kissed, touched, and licked. Learning how two people could share such intimate pleasure made me look at myself in the mirror with new astonishment and delight. Though I had sex for many years before Gary, I was truly a virgin to this kind of sensual sharing and intimacy.” Her journal radiated with such inspiring rays of awakening.

It just happened. Butterflies, gazes, complicity and climax. The ecstasy of a truly shared connection, and love. It was a first. And from that encounter forward, Vivi would always remember to look into the mirror, not focus on herself or her body. Her new found sexuality and confidence simply mirrored his.



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